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Dec 9, 2016
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Sweet Adeline, My Adeline!
Hello, I am Adeline. I am the sweetest girl with lovely, melting brown eyes and a precious wagging tail. I just love for people to fuss over me and give me gentle pets.
I am one of the 4 bulldogs rescued by Bringing Home Benji and brought to Chicago English Bulldog Rescue after being freed from a puppy mill. I am 7 years old and was used as a breeding mama dog until I was too old to be of value. I have probably had a litter of puppies every six months since I first came into heat, it is hard to remember but I know I was kept in a cage and my puppies were taken away as soon as they could be sold. My life has been so sad.
But I am ready for my new life! I am settling into my foster home very nicely and learning new things every day. I still get nervous when faced with new experiences but am learning really quickly. I have mastered the stairs and have decided that laying on a bed is so much better than a hard crate floor, although I still retreat to my crate when I am nervous. I love to eat and will sit up and beg for treats. I has learned that laying on the sofa with my foster dad is awesome and he has been letting me sleep with him every night. I am interested in toys but just take them back to my space so I can have them close to me. And I so happy to be able to go potty outside and give a good signal when I need to go. It is so nice to be clean.
My foster mom says I am a very gentle, very sweet girl who just wants to be loved and I am pretty healthy! I am living with two other bulldogs and we mostly ignore each other although I don’t want them to come into my space.
My perfect family is one who will continue to help me learn and adjust to being a dog out of a cage. They will give me lots of gentle attention and pets and soft beds. They will be patient as I learn to walk on a leash and begin to explore more of the world. They will ensure I am on a high quality diet to help me lose some weight and get into shape. I promise to be your dear heart and give you my love and loyalty forever.
Please let me be the flower of your heart,

Placement Criterion for Adeline:
Willingness to continue her adjustment from the puppy mill, including learning to walk on a leash.
Okay as only dog but could live with another calm dog who honors her space.
High quality diet and supportive supplements.

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