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Nov 20, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names

PSSST….can I tell you a secret? I might have a tough guy name and I might look like a bruiser, but in my mind, I’m a lap dog. That’s right. I’m a 50 pound brindle English Bulldog boy, but I’d love to sit on your lap or beside it and get bulldog rubs. I’ve recently relocated from the southeast due to hurricane Florence. Now I live with my foster mom and her pets in New Jersey. I’m 7 years old and ready to find my forever home. My perfect home would consist of adults only or a household with children older than 10. You see, I’m considered special needs because I am blind, so older children or an adult only home is best for me. And if you have other pets, I prefer the easy going type. No puppies or fusspots, please. I do fine on short leash walks and enjoy the sniffs along the way. I am a great leash walker if you don’t mind a saunter pace. A fenced yard, where I can safely explore, is also a great option for me. I am described as calm, and relaxed, so I’m ok with a sunny comfy perch inside or outside to while away the hours. In many ways, I’m a low maintenance type of guy. When I’m not relaxing, I enjoy exploring inside and outside the house. Exploring is so much more fun to me than playing with toys. I am housetrained, but need a schedule, so I’d love if someone were around the house most of the day. (Plus, I suspect I’d get more belly rubs that way too). There is one thing that I must confess. I need to take eye drops and I don’t like it one bit. You see, for years my eyes were dry and I didn’t have medicine, so they became so very sore that it caused my blindness. I have put that behind me and my eyes are not as painful as they used to be, but it’s so scary for me with these drops. Sometimes when I get my medicine, my anxiety gets the best of me & I voice my worries in the form of a growl or an occasional snap. If you have an extra person to give me treats at the same time, I can relax a bit more, but please understand I need a patient, bulldog savvy person to work with me and my fears with these eye drops. It’s my biggest fear in my bulldog world. In every other way, I’m a gentle boy and I take treats very nicely. Due to my visual impairment, a home without a lot of steps and without an in ground pool or pond is best for my safety. If you have a safe spot for me to hang out at your job, I’d make a great companion to take to work! I am very well behaved in the car, so your commute is totally cool with me. In addition to eye drops 3 times a day, I have some allergies and will need to be fed a grain free diet. Right now I also take over the counter allergy medicine. I am neutered and a mass was removed during my surgery. The type of mass is called a testicular interstitial cell tumor and this type does not spread. Other than the eye drops, I do not require any prescription medication. Although I’m not a tough guy, I’ve been through some tough times and bounced back just fine. I’m looking forward to many more adventures and explorations around my future home, yard and neighborhood with my seeing eye person by my side. If you want to be my seeing eye person, submit a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application today!

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