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  • HAHAHA...thought I had already done bad.

    Love your posts, kind, wise, intelligent & uplifting.

    EBN is lucky to have you, Maia! GOD bless you!!
    Hi there! Thank so much he for sure is a handfull lol I hope all is well with you! Its been too long since we chatted :( I have been so busy with the pizzeria and stuff!! Hugs and kiss to you and Ulysses
    SPLAT!!! You have been hit by the Christmas Snowball :snowballfight:
    Pass it forward to 5 people ... you can not Splat! the person that got you :christmas12:
    please let me know what your vet says on Monday, I'm thinking of you and Ulysses
    :hiya: We are doing well! Brutus is doing much better! No snapping at all in about a week! He is acting different on the meds but that is to be expected! We go for blood work in a couple days to see how things are going! Thanks for checking in! Hope Ulysses is doing well! How is his private area?
    Brutus has already had about 4 seziures back in Feb/March and now fly biting! The head tremors is something they say is normal and nothing can be done! At this poiunt he is fly snapping everyday and I am documenting it all for the doctors with videos and such so we can make a decison wht to do! Everyone I have spoken too Drs/Speciaist say these are partial seziures! I am so confused! Thanks for checking in really apprecite it! I am going to check my msg now! I sometimes forget to check them and I dont have a notification anywhere!
    Glad you found us too! Its great to have the support of this site! Im here if you need me :) I was using warm compresses in the morning after he woke up to make sure he wasnt excited..The morning was the worst with the bleeding! ANy questions or anything just let me know...Keep me posted please :) I am Roe
    I am so happy I found this site too!! I actually found it when I was researching about head tremors. We've had a lot of issues during the past weeks. But my baby boy is just so good, and funny, and lovely that it's worth everything we do for him. I just posted some pictures of him, I especially love the first one, it makes me laugh every time :D. Thank you so much for your support, it has been amazing and so much easier to have another bully owner to talk and ask questions to.:)
    :( I wish I wasnt right! Okay I will help you the whole way through this! Unfortunatley I hadnt found this site until after the surgery and all! I am so grateful! Has there been any blood recently???? I am so sorry you are going through this and so happy you found this site!
    :) When I saw the post about blood from pee pee I relived what we went through with Brutus! I know its hard when something happens. Glad things are well and if you need anything message me! I would love to see pics :) Ullysses is so handsome!!! Hope you post more pics :yes:
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