1. mer55

    Jackson is training US!

    Well, Jackson has re-trained us! We used go to bed about 8:30:o to watch Tv, and usually click the TV off by 9.:ashamed: I knew that was way to long for a 3 month old to go all night, so alarm was set for 1;30am to take him out to potty and back to bed he went. Well, as an experiment, I let...
  2. 1Chumly

    Monty really slowing down

    The past few months, we have noticed that Monty has really slowed down. He has always been low energy and I could never get him to go for a walk, he would just plant his feet and refuse to budge. Now, it is all we can do to get him to get off his bed to go outside. I don't think he is in...
  3. jool92

    5 mo puppy suddenly poops at night

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a while and since you're all so great with advice I thought maybe you will be able to help me sort out this issue. My almost 5 months old puppy has been having accidents at night (more like early morning even) for the past 3 days. Up till now she has been...
  4. L

    Help Needed! Lady is acting out

    So my lady is acting out. For 99% of her life she’s been the only dog in the family. She potty trained and has a doggy door. She never really socialize with other dogs on a full time scale just if they bump Into each other on a walk etc. Well we slowly introduced her to a new dog and then...
  5. R

    Help Needed! Watery rusty red/orange saliva staining on dog bed from mouth

    Hello there, Every morning I find a watery rusty red colour stain from her saliva wherever she sleeps - Is this bleeding from her gums or stomach acid? It doesn't smell like blood Please see picture below, anyone know what it is? Thanks Roxy
  6. RalphieBoy

    Moon dogs

    I cannot get them outside in the day. I cannot get them inside when Im ready to go to bed. Little arses.
  7. RalphieBoy

    Chain reaction

    Like most bulldogs my two are creatures of habit. Same thing everyday. In the morning Emmitt sleeps upside down alone on the stool and Rogan in the floor. I’m watching tv and Emmitt has a three foot squirt. My mind has a slow reaction (I’m old). I’m thinking did he do a pee squirt? He did it...
  8. J

    Mack the Bulldog

    Test driving his new bed.
  9. jlj781

    How do you know when it’s your dogs time ?

    Hey guys I havnt been on here in a while, and the reason I am now is not a happy one. Our bulldog who has had health issues pretty much from the start is to a point where I’m asking advice how to know when it’s time to let them go? She’s had allergies forever and we’ve fought that for a long...
  10. cefe13

    Tumbled into bed

    Castor came home yesterday after two weeks at summer camp (ie the boarding kennel he goes to when we go on holiday). They take good care of him and he really likes it there, but he is always really tired when he comes home. When he came into the house, he went straight to his comfy bed in the...
  11. Cbrugs

    Earthquake in my area

    So apparently we had a 4.6 magnitude earthquake at around 3 am this morning really close to where I live. I didn't feel a thing but Louie was acting weird all night...he kept jumping off the bed in the wee hours and pacing around the room. So I have decided he is my very own Lassie and he knew...
  12. sisters3


    Oh my goodness, what Joey? You haven't posted any photos of me recently to say hello to our EBN MOM could you please post me sitting on my awesome summer garage bed? Sure Joey..... Also MOM could you please tell everyone hello from me? Sure Joey, HELLO EVERYONE FROM MY GIRL JOEY :)
  13. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Rocky~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    Please welcome Rocky to CEBR! Rocky is 8 ½ years old, and although his name may conjure up images of a rough-and-tumble prize fighter, this hunky boy is really just sweet, goofy little guy looking for his love match! Rocky was surrendered to rescue because his previous family no longer had time...
  14. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Piggers~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    Piggers is your classic couch potato!! Yes, he enjoys a good antler as much as any other but laying around is by far his favorite pastime. He has some minor skin allergy that has gotten much better with a different diet, some arthritis in his right front wrist and dry eye that is well-managed...
  15. Hceril

    My two little snugglers.

    Two of the biggest dogs in the smallest dog bed. We really do have other dog beds. They just like to share one!
  16. J

    Mack has a new habit.

    He waits until no one is looking and collects the throw rugs and his bed and drags them into his corner in the kitchen. All well and good but he is not a female. He shouldn’t be nesting. Here he is giving me the stink eye when he got caught in mid drag.
  17. paw7004

    Signs of "old age"?

    Porkchop is 9 yrs old as of last week. He's got back issues, the occasional toe cysts & yeasty nose yet otherwise healthy, not overweight. He started taking CBD oil 3 months ago, which perked him up for awhile. He also takes Carprofen, Movoflex and recently Turmeric Bytes for the back...
  18. Cbrugs

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Maggie~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Oklahoma

    Status: Available Age: 9 Gender: Female Location: Oklahoma City, OK Reason given up for adoption: Owner Surrender Temperament: Great Health Condition: Good Placement Limitations: None Special Needs: No Comments: I came into TABR as an owner surrender. I was in a home with quite a few dogs and...
  19. J

    Hello Bailey Here !!!

    Just wanted to say hi and glad to join the group, My name is bailey, im 12 1/2 weeks and now 18 pounds. Im extremely spoiled and make my mom and dad spend all their money on me. Here are some of my pictures. The day my parents picked me. Im all the way to the left! My second day home with...
  20. L

    Help Needed! Please help my bulldog bit me and now I’m scared

    Hi I recently adopted a 3 yr old EB, the previus owner kept him locked in a garage he is a litle u der weight but getting better every day. The first day I got him ge acted really swet with me and my kids, he seemed calmed and happy and kept following me around. I was walking into my room and...