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Dec 28, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names
Molly & Kevin (aka Chunky)
I spent the weekend freaking out over (my dog) Kevin's leg. As he gets into his golden years i know at some point his body will give out before his spirit. Last week he started limping more than normal... and by the weekend he would hardly walk.

I spent all last night awake worried what the vet would say.

I carried him outside to 'do business'... I carried him into his bed...

Then in the morning I carried him into the car... and i carried him into the vet.

Only to be told "Nothing has changed with his knee/hip.. I think he just found out you will carry him around if he doesn't move"

.. after the vet inspection, Kevin got up and walked back to my car and jumped in.

Sometimes its great to lurk here and read the posts about 'Allergies', 'Strollers', 'Hip Popping/ACL' :)

(gratuitous Kevin photo)
Yes it is…and thanks for posting the Kevin pic…a mighty handsome boy!
If you have not yet tried a CBD product for Kevin, please consider “Super Snouts Joint and Hemp”.
It has worked wonders on our Dozer. He came to us barely able to walk on his back legs…just dragged them around. Now he’s using them and making incredible “strides”. We saw remarkable improvement in just a few days.
They are smart little buggers they know how to keep their laziness in tact!

So wonderful to see the man he looks fantastic as handsome as ever. Hope you are all doing well.

We use Movoflex for our two and they do well on it

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That’s hysterical!!
They sure are smart! I just wouldn’t be able to carry my little tubby very far!

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Awww......Kevin is SO handsome !!! I'm sorry you couldn't sleep over
worrying---we have definitely been there, done THAT! I love that
he ended up jumping into your car after all of that :LOL:.

We've tried SO. MANY. things to help our babies---MANY different
brands of CBD oils (including one that our vet highly recommended!). Also tried some CBD powder made from mushrooms that helped
our friend's dog go from not walking at all to acting like a puppy again, etc. REALLY had high hopes for that one! Also tried SO. MANY. joint supplements!

Even tried
acupuncture with a very honest vet who admitted it wasn't helping in their case, so we stopped. I am SOOO happy that other doggies are helped by these things; ours just weren't.

MAYBE none of these worked because both Meaty's and Sophie's arthritis is/was too advanced. However, they are/were on some good medicines
(although we realllly tried to go more natural!)

@oscarmeyer....Thanks for the info on "Super Snouts Joint and Hip." I am willing to try it. A sweet 10-year-old pug adopted us last year, and mayyybe it will help him---he has spinal issues and his poor wittle back legs are getting worse. I will also give it to our 12 1/2 year old bulldog (Meaty) and who knows....mayyybe it'll help him, too!

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