Change of Food update


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Nov 28, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
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So I switched butler's food to fromm surf and turf, and i'm finally starting to notice a change!

He hasn't been itching his eyes or face, and the chin acne is gone and his skin is normal pink instead of red!:up:

His nose and mouth smell like horse :poo: for a while after eating. :down:

He hasn't itched his ears in a couple days, until tonight. I came home from school and he itched off a scab and was bleeding. It looked worse than it was in actuality. He might have been scratching because it is healing, and not because of any food related stuff.

Less poo poos for mom to pick up, still nice and hard though.

so far so good! i'm going to go to petflow and order a big bag, since the pet boutique that sells fromm here charges 70 for the 26lb bag.


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Jan 28, 2010
Tucson, Arizona
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Yay for Butler!! (and for mommie too!). Less poo is always a good thing!


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Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
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I can not believe the difference food makes in this breed, well I am sure ANY breed, but it is amazing all the fabulous results I have seen, including my own Vegas with a change in food!!! Vegas was so miserable before I found the right food. YES it is expensive, my husband says Vegas eats better than us (lie) but it is sooo worth them not being so miserable with the itching, ears and for Vegas the SMELL. My hubby would pay $100.00 a month if he had to just to have a more "relaxed" Vegas, when he was ate up with allergies he was hyper and always in our faces, now he is more laid back because he is actually comfortable in his own skin!!! And yes the less :poo: the better, Vegas has like 3 hard stools compared to his old food where I would have to "scoop" it up with both my hands because it was alot and runny!!!

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