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  • I am soooo glad you are back! Sorry I have not been on the site to see I had a message, only been on using tap a talk the past couple of days. Yes the painting is amazing, I cannot wait for it to arrive. We sure missed you! We are currently sponsoring Max, Olive and Hilly. I am quite sure you are sponsoring Hilly. You have sponsored several and we did lose I think 3 of your sponsors to the rainbow bridge :( Total each month between all 3 bullies we raise over $300+ each month. If you are thinking of sponsoring another, Olive needs more sponsors. :up:
    Thanks. We actually got him last September from my bf's coworker's friend. The family had to move overseas and they were going to give him to a shelter if they couldn't find anyone to take care of him. So we feel so lucky how things turned out. He's quite a funny guy. He'd scratch you with his paws whenever he wants attention. lol. How's it going with your clan? We miss you so much here. :). I read that Stella's 85lbs! Whoa! :D Funny cuz she looks so little in he pics. haha.
    Thanks ... it's one of Lisa's (desertskybulldogs) babies ..... he was called Linus after Jill's (sheshistory) Linus when he was born. I fell in love with him as soon as I saw the video, and so my husband drove with my daughter from ohio to Arizona on Christmas Day to go and get him for me. It took them a whole week to get there and back. He's a Mummy's boy!!!
    Hey lacy, im not sure if you got my pm''s, my internet was acting up and i was using my phone. I was just curious if you could give me some contacts of some "bulldog familiar" vets in windsor. i really need to get samson in and i would really appreciate it. Thank you!
    FYI I will be using that pic of Silva on the skateboard for one of our banner themes! (with your permission of course!)
    the online donations are closed until the 4th if you want the donation card to be mailed to mom2bullies so please remind me on the 5th or so to make the donation? If you do not receive an email receipt from me it means the donation was not made.

    Susan G. Komen for the Cure | Donate | Donate Online | Donate Online
    heehheee no, it is fine, I just have not checked for any purchases yet.... I am up to my ears with stuff I am doing. I will put it at the top of my list to check it now, thank you!
    dang I probably did not realize your name was purple so it did not go through. Actually that is good cuz I changed my mind, I want it sent back to me now. We got as many as we could. :) (we had 3 of them!)
    Thank goodness! I was picturing the worst thing and just knew there had to be a better way of explaining. I think I understand what you are working with..and I think that it's a great alternative if you don't have a harness seatbelt!:up:
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