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  • Sheila, I think your videos are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I feel like a leprechaun who found gold.
    Hi, I checked out the petflow website. I buy grain free ALS Canidae from Petclub and it is 49.99 and petflow is 50.99. The tax is $4.99 at Petclub and the shipping is $4.99 from petflow.
    so that's a wash, but they do have other items that look to be cheaper so I will explore that website more.
    Good Bullie Day~
    Thanks God you don't have any real raccoon's running around'd never get him in the house!
    I. I saw u mentioned @desertskybulldogs that u r half pinay.. Good to know there's a fellow citizen here ;) I'm pinay too but FULL ahahaha cute buoy u've got there ;)
    Nope. No stinky bears yet at Walmart. Right now, we are sewing them up as she destroys them. Actually, it's..she is destroying them as fast as we can sew them up. Vegas loves to take them from her, and she won't let go, so they end up ripping. We are still looking! Thanks for checking also!
    Did you send the little collar and leash? I kept trying to remember if I had ordered it lol! There wasn't a name on the outside but I can only assume it was you !THANK YOU!! The trainer told us we needed to get her a collar and not the harness for training purposes. It's adorable!!
    No I am not, but I was born there. Dad was military. I also love me some chicken adobo and lumpia! :up:
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