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Nov 20, 2011
Bulldog(s) Names

My name is Bella or as my friends call me Bella-raptor because the noises I make when I’m happy or chatting away sound very much like a Velociraptor. I am 4 years old and my personality is equal parts cuddly couch potato and world explorer. One of my most endearing qualities is that my personality and zest for life make everyone I come across smile. In a short time I’ve already established myself as the mayor of my foster families’ neighborhood as I am regularly out front of their home greeting my constituents. I am good with people, children and well behaved on my leash when out and about meeting new dogs. My foster family believes I will also be good with other dogs in a home environment but they are still evaluating whether I would prefer to have my humans all to myself or share them.

I’ve had a long path to the good life beginning my life as a puppy mill momma for several years then being rescued and spending a handful of months with a family only to then be left with an Indiana animal shelter before eventually making my way into CEBR’s care. Now that I’m with CEBR I am finally getting a chance to find my forever family and where I belong. I love exploring the world on walks am quite athletic for a bulldog and don’t see what all the fuss is about rain and snow. I like it all. I’m just that easy! I also love car rides and seem to do quite well greeting visitors who come and go from my foster home. I mean they came to visit me right? I currently sleep quite happily in my crate at night but do like to be near my family so I can alert them if I need anything. Even though I’m 4 I do sometimes have the energy of an over exited puppy as I am finally getting a chance to see what the good life and playing are like. My foster family is working on helping me with my manners and controlling my excitement levels when I’m asked to do so. I listen very well to their encouraging commands and especially like it when I I’m given a treat for doing what they’ve asked of me. I’m also working on curbing my enthusiasm and desire to try and hitch a car ride with anyone who opens a car door and gives me a smile. My foster family has explained that I probably shouldn’t just get into the car of any stranger. My philosophy is this world is full of love and it’s all for me.

We all deal with things in life and I happen to have been born with a congenital kidney condition and also at some point developed IBS. This all sounds a bit scary but it honestly doesn’t slow me down. The experts tell me because I was born with my kidney condition my body has simply adapted to it. As for my IBS my humans just give me what I need to keep my belly happy. My perfect family would be willing and able to help me manage my conditions and are committed to helping me stay healthy. My routine involves a prescription kibble diet as instructed by my doctor, taking a few medications daily including a probiotic, maintaining regular checkups with my doctor to monitor my conditions and most importantly ensuring I have the ability to drink as much fresh water as I wish and be able to go potty regularly because of my kidney condition. I’ve been doing extremely well with my foster family and like any dog having a consistent routine makes things easier for me. We are also JUST starting pee pad training with her as she has to pee every 3 to 4 hours consistently because of her long term kidney condition and her forever family will have to maintain it long term Don’t forget the love bring on the cuddles and love. In return I will be your loving forever companion and a true addition to your family. If you are looking for me I can’t wait to come live with you. P.S. Can you really resist this smile?

Bella's adoption fee is $550.00


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