Angus has terminal cancer. 😭


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Jul 28, 2011
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Our Bulldog, Winston, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Tumor on back left foot Dec 2019. Nothing vet could do except refer to oncologist, start radiation and/or chemotherapy. Well, it was week before Christmas and vet going out of town, so being a Prayer Warrior, I first prayed and rebuked the cancer, then I did my research. Found someone who treated their pet with Curcumin Tumeric and had total recovery; so I ordered some from and started Winston on it immediately, then continued to research and put him on CDB. Needless to say when I took him back to same vet in Jan he was so surprised that Winston had not been put down yet. Let me just say, today, as a a 10 year old, he is thriving and playing.
That is wonderful news Nd information…. Prayers for continued success


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Aug 30, 2021
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Today is a very hard day.
Angus is my last surviving family dog. He turns 11 on Saturday.
We took him to the vet after I noticed an enlargement of his belly and a lack of luster of his fur. He is still the same happy Angus albeit he tires so much quicker. But then he is an old dog now.

The vet got him tested and scanned and they found almost his entire body riddled with cancer. It must've started in his spleen as the tumor there is the largest. I am devastated. The vet is surprised he hasn't been showing signs of being in pain. I love this dog sooo much and I can't bear to lose him. I just can't.

I took this video this morning:

I read only now your post, I subscribed yesterday to this wonderful blog. I feel so sad and sorry for your tragedy. What a wonderful companion you had, he was with you all these years giving you love and himself. It will be difficult for you (I just lost mine for ever - sudden heart attack - and I know what I'm talking about: since his death I see the life in black). Stay with him as much as possible, these days will remain for ever in your memory. Treasure any moment you still have to share with him. Eleven years of unconditional love is such a gift (mine was only three and a half). Be strong, we are with you.


Nov 15, 2020
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I am sorry to hear about Winston’s diagnosis. I am glad he can spend his remaining time with those who care for him so much.


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Oct 29, 2015
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I am so sorry to hear this about Angus! He is so loved, that is obvious. I hope that the time you have left is filled with times like in the video, he is playing, smile and enjoy the love and try to focus on that, I know how hard that is right now. But still, I pray for that, for you and for Angus. Prayers !


Nov 7, 2018
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I am so sorry to read this. It does sound like you have had 11 awesome years, and by the looks of Angus he is still as happy as ever. What a sweet boy he is. I think i speak for all of us, even 100 years is never enough.. we love them so much.

I'm very, very sorry. Give Angus and yourself hugs from us..
Just cherish him and love on him all you can :angelheart:.

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