Recently my dog was attacked (UPDATE)

Just a thought. How about keeping a spray bottle with diluted salt water, enough to irritate the eyes, nearby? If the offending dog comes near, spray him. HOWEVER, not sure if that would send him away or rile him up...

This is a long post I'm sorry for my rambling i'm just so emotional over what happened just need somewhere where I could vent.

Hi everyone, recently my Romeo was attacked by a dog ( I have strong suspicion it was the newly moved in neighbors dog). When I got home at around eight, I saw Romeo walking towards the gate covered in blood, like he usually does when I come home. I immediately took him to the emergency vet clinic with my dad. The veterinarian told us that Romeo 30% bites wounds he has puncture wounds around his eye lost some teeth and got an infection . We brought Romeo back home, and for the past few days, I noticed that the neighbor's dog hasn't been home since the incident. Usually, I take Romeo for a walk in the front yard without his cone of shame (I usually call it by that name) so he can have a breather, but he absolutely hates wearing it and barely moves when he has it on. Just recently, the neighbor's dog came back home, and every day it keeps getting out and running straight towards my fence. The neighbor's kids are struggling to grab their dog since it doesn't have a collar, so their only option is to carry the dog back home.

So, I went to animal control to see if they could help with the dog situation. I explained everything that happened to the person there, but they said they can only take action if I have video or picture evidence of the dog attacking my dog. They mentioned that I could use self-defense if the dog ever comes towards me or Romeo. I could take the dog owner to court if I have the evidence of the dog attacking Romeo to cover the medical bills. I told them I have witnesses who heard the whole thing - they live across the street and heard the dog fight and saw the kids trying to pull their dog back home away from my fence. However, the animal control person said that the witness needs to physically see my dog being attacked for them to write a report. They only mentioned that I could use self-defense if the dog's nose is inside my fence. It's really tough now because I can't take Romeo out in the front anymore. I'm constantly on edge, looking over my shoulder, just waiting for that dog to come running towards us. Romeo can barely move fast enough for me to get him inside the car or through the front door.

If anyone has any tips for Romeo, I'm all ears. I've been trying my best to clean his wounds, but he really doesn't like it when I try to pat clean his stitches. I just emailed the clinic to see if there's anything more I can do or if his face looks normal. Romeo's stitches won't be removed until the 21st, and everything happened on February 6th.


Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you all an update and say thank you for your comments and advice. I really appreciate it. Things have been overwhelming with everything going on, but hopefully, they'll start calming down and Romeo will start getting better.

Now, here's the update...

I'm sorry for the rambling that is about to happen.

On Friday I had to take Romeo back to the Emergency Vet Clinic because he ended up ripping his stitches the day before. It was really bad, with the stitches flapping and Romeo continuously licking it, making it worse. I was devastated when I saw it ripped after coming back from work.

The day before on Thursday, I asked my family member Sarah if she could give Romeo water because he wasn't drinking enough. When I got back home, I found Romeo roaming around my room without his cone on. I got into it with Sarah because I had told her multiple times before that he's not supposed to have his cone off when he's not on his leash. Sarah's reply was, "Well, how is he supposed to eat or drink then?" Romeo ended up pulling his stitches, so now he has to go back to the clinic and start the whole process over again. I thought Sarah would remember all my rants about Romeo hating his cone and I would try to make sure he keeps it on, especially when I asked her to hold his leash while I cleaned his cones. But I guess that went right over her head.

Sorry for rambling, I'm still annoyed.

After getting a clearer look at Romeo's face, I felt like everything just came crashing down. I was angry at Sarah for not being aware enough to know better (although I guess it's partly my fault for not specifically telling her to put the cone back on after he's done drinking water). And I'm even more furious at those neighbors' dog for what the dog did to Romeo. When I took Romeo to the vet on Friday, they expected to just put him under anesthesia to stitch him back up. But as they got closer, they realized that the infection had killed a portion of his face and now they have to cut off the dead skin.

When I saw Romeo's face, I felt a mix of anger and sadness for him. It's heart-wrenching to see him endure multiple surgeries, take medications, and struggle to sleep at night. The clinic advised that we can remove the cone in 5 to 9 days, but I would rather wait the full 9 days and see the veterinarian have him confirm that everything is looking fine before taking it off.


I’m so sorry to read your post, hopefully he is much better 🤞🏼 It ticks me off that humans do not take care of their fur-babies 🤬

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