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Hi there!
I have a 2 1/2 white English that developed an ear infection almost a year ago and it wont go away. I took him to the vet and they have given him everything and nothing works (antibiotics, Zinc etc..). At this point the vet told me its a life long chronic ear infection and that all I can do is maintain it. Is this true? An ear infection that will never go away? He is in so much pain he drags himself on the rug and scratches until his ear is pink and has even lost hair around the ear. I have been cleaning his ear every day to every other day and still giving him Zinc ear drops. Today his ear was super smelly and red. I purchased Zymox from Amazon but haven't tried it yet because I figured it still ear drops and might not work. :(
[MENTION=14196]rramos[/MENTION] [MENTION=2894]2BullyMama[/MENTION] Her vet put a med. in her bullies ear, it is called Claro.
It cleared his ear right up. I believe that was the same thing my vet used, and no more ear infection for one of mine. Hope this helps.
Have you tried switching food yet? My bulldog used to have a chronic ear infections until I removed all chicken from his diet. I barely have to clean his ears now and just do it as routine maintenance every couple of weeks.

Mine doesn't let me by his ear with droppers, but I take a half and half solution of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and drip the excess in his ear while wiping him out. Then I rub to dislodge. This could be a daily cleaning for you, but it may not work for the stage you are at now.
Yes, Claro was the med and it last about 5 weeks..... I think you should consider a second opinion with a different vet office. Does your boy have any allergy... Food or environmental?

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Sounds like it's an allergy, that's how we discovered my girls allergy. A bad ear infection popped up one day and never went away.. hers are environmental so hard to control.
I never understood why after a vet treats the same issue for a year without success hasn't referred you to a dermatologist for dogs or/and you can pay a cyber-visit to the*American College of Veterinary Dermatology*to find a dermatologist vet within your area. I would change vet for sure. I recall seeing a dermatologist vet for one of my Doberman maaaaany years ago. 2 things i had to do was change food, give this antibiotic which was way too long ago cant remember the name lol.....but heard Claro is good stuff and to maintain the ear was to put plain mineral oil like couple drops throughout the week in the ears so it stays clean. I used a specialist vet for skin in Canada. I know American College has them too. Good luck :)
How do you clean the ears? If you are not flushing them out with an ear cleaner it could also be part of the problem.

However most chronic infections are due to an allergy of the food. We have always used a panalog/animax/entederm ointment on the ears, and for really bad ear infections you may want to clean and flush 2x a day.

I think a different vet for a second opinion is in order. Make sure you bring a list with what you've tried.

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Brutus also has a very bad ear infection right now ad was given Claro also. The vet cleans the ear out really good and administers the Claro and it is supposed to last a month. The vet explained it is very effective because it is a new type of antibiotic that isn't infection resistant yet. If you try the Claro, make sure you do not clean or wipe his ears for the entire duration of the Claro. Good luck from one chronic ear infection sufferer to another. I hope your baby finds relief soon.
My 8yo female had her ears get so infected that she was nearly deaf. My vet performed a surgery when she was 4 that cured her. I wish I knew exactly what it was.

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