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  • Glad that all is well! Try to get your daughter state job. I would worry Military-good future-but could be sent to danger. Best of luck for you all.
    Hey Rosalie-Great to "see" you! Hope you are all well, and just too busy! Miss you! Lynn
    In regards to the dog "problem". Some people want instant results! I admire you so much!! Wish you would post some pictures, and hope you are okay- you are-not on much anymore.
    Hi Rosalie! Murray and I just wanted to check in and see how things are going with Frankie, Brutus and Jack! Hope you are all doing well :)
    Best wishes to you all ! If it works out will you keep? The people I got my 2 from wanted me to take 2 of there retired girls. One was 5yrs. and the other 6 yrs. It killed me,but I couldn't because I really couldn't afford them-free dogs still eat and get sick. It was so hard to turn them down-they were so sweet and pretty.I already have 6 dogs(2 w/donkeys). If my hub was living-I would have taken them! He probably would have thrown me and the dogs out!!!:yes:
    Not sure which one-ha! Donkey baby is so friendly! Rescue "baby" (Bro) has fit right in, wrestles with two Bullies at once! He has gained about 3 pounds-so now he is 15 lbs! He makes me laugh-and I needed some laughs! He was meant to come here.
    Happy to hear that all is okay,and you are (just) busy. Stay well-and cool. Hug the "kids" for me!
    Rosalie, I miss you on EBN! Hoping you are just enjoying the summer, and there is nothing wrong! Love to all.
    Thank You for the warm welcome back... Love your Title..... Almost looks like a certain midget I use to know had something to do with that...., Roflmbo..,
    sasha has bathroom issues.the lady I got her from gave her plenty of water but she was wetting all threw my home,so istopped all the water
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