I must be the only woman alive who hates to shop.


Jul 31, 2010
Grafton, OHIO
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[MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION] If only we lived closer then I would come and shop for you!! :up:


:lol:[MENTION=959]kazzy220[/MENTION], nothing like a warm french loaf at Tescos for keeping kids quiet,
Andrew my eldest used to suck the loaf all round the store when he was a baby/toddler used to keep him occupied until we were home and unpacked :)


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Jun 23, 2010
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I really don't mind shopping. If I have something I need to get I LOVE IT. But I am one of those that has something in mind and until I find that particular one, I keep looking. To be honest my favorite shopping is home goods, decorating, renovating. I am working on the final "guest" room and re-decorating our master bed, so I am having a blast right now.
Grocery shopping isn't bad at all, when kids were in the house. Menus and lists were always a necessity. Now with just the tow of us, we can get by with going about once a month. :whew:

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Jul 17, 2010
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I used to love to shop. Didn't bother me to haul a 4 yr. old, 2 yr. old and newborn along. I just did it, never really thought much about it. Now, if I have any of my grandkids (except my 12 yr. old granddaughter), we are in for the day! I think it's depressing to grocery shop. Everytime I go, I see how all the prices are up and the packages are smaller than last time. (Think I'm getting OLD!!) I quit doing malls years ago. But I do enjoy shopping for my dogs. :p


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Aug 13, 2010
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i cant stand shopping if i have to go to walmart i will wait till midnite or so and go just to miss the dam crowds... malls i really hate when its christmas time i will also avoid if i have to or go right when it opens when no one is really there. i do most of my shopping online its the best!!! mine is more of the dumb people out and think they own the whole aisles and when your behind someone walking like theyre just learning how really???!!! i deal with stupid people all day at work really dont like dealing with them when im off too lol...


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Jan 15, 2011
NE Indiana
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i :heart: to bargin shop! i approach grocery shopping in a manner of "let's see how much i can get for little money" attitude and i LOVE it! now, i'm not a "browse the mall for the fun of it" type of girl. if i need something...i'm on a mission until i find it. i don't take my time, i don't just casually browse....i hustle through the stores and on to the next. lol yeah my family LOVES me. lol :LMAO:

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