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  • :halloween3:You've been hit by a trick-or-treater! Pass it on to 5 people but you can't return it to the one who tricked you!
    He is back to having gas and mushy poop smh... good news is he is now 40 lbs like he should be! The vet is blaming the enzymes I bought from the website (B12 is fine) and is telling me its a diff ratio then the stuff they gave me at first. Its over $100 a bottle and its on petmeds.com. Looks like I may be stuck using the expensive stuff bc its the only thing he has responded to. Your so lucky it worked for your baby! :)
    Happy New Year from me and my family to you and yours :newyear7:
    Sorry for the delay! Meatball has been gaining SO much weight, its great! He gained 5 lbs just the 1st week! His energy level is so high now that he doesnt even seem to know what to do with himself lol! I love all the advice you gave me on EPI and we now have him on science diet for puppies bc the fiber is so low. The softness of his stool does seem to fluctuate some but Im still unsure if its bc he sneaks a bite of my Great Danes food bf I can get to him or not. I have been feeding 3 times a day just to put the weight back on and boy did that work! The vet said his B12 level was ok, however, they gave him a free B12 shot last week just in case. His stool is not as hard as my other dogs yet but I will definatly try the pumpkin or sweet potato to see if that helps. The vet told me 1/2 teaspoon every time he eats so maybe I should try the whole tsp and see how that works if your puppy responded well, thanks! I was worried about over doing it :)
    After 2 doses his poop is not totally solid but a HUGE improvement! Its almost solid. But his tummy bloating and intestine swelling I could feel before is totally gone and his tummy feels normal now. He is in his room right now acting just like a puppy should and jumping around playing with his toys again and chewing on anything he can get his mouth on! I am so excited! The vet told me to start him on 1/2 a tsp for right now and then go from there. I do have a question for you... So I want to put the weight back on him but I dont want to do any harm. How much did you feed Bella after you started on the enzymes? I know I mix his powder when I feed him twice a day but can I feed him more then twice a day and will he be able to digest his food without the powder in it? And if I can, do I have to water his dry food down to soften it when it doesnt have the powder in it? I am feeding him Science Diet for puppies right now bc the vet suggested it. What brand do you feed Bella?
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