I must be the only woman alive who hates to shop.


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Jan 28, 2010
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My hubby always goes to the store for me when he can :) Such a wonderful man. Cuz I hate to shop.

Why? Is it because I have 4 kids in tow? Not really. Does that help my hatred of shopping? Yes.

Going shopping feels like an interruption of my life. So much to do, so little time.

Also, I spend too much, and have 2 grocery carts full everytime. Load in the cart. Take out of cart to ring it up. Load it into the cart again. Do it so that the heavy stuff on the bottom. Light stuff on top. Keep babies entertained who are now crabby, overtired and want to go home. Try to wipe off the buger that is now hanging out of the babies nose. No tissue, place on the bottom of my shirt and hope that the people behind me, who are smiling and googling at the babies the whole time, telling me how wonderful my family and kids are do not notice the buger-slip. Pay for the groceries, head out to the car. Oldest son (12) is pushing the other cart behind me. The baby wipes fall out of the bottom of the cart and land in the middle of the road. Moment of panic sets in as we try to recoupe ourselves from the world as they all look in our direction. Haul everything out of the carts and into the now BLAZING hot minivan. Drive 30 minutes home, and unload everything from the van. Unload the bags now. Finally I am done.

Left at 11:30 am and did not get home til 4:00, had to pick up this, drop off that, stop and feed the kiddos. Do you realize that you load or unload groceries 6 times until they are safely put away in your fridge or pantry?

So this is the end of my rant. I hate shopping. And my point to all of this? I hate shopping. :)

Don't care if it is groceries, clothes, toys-

But I don't mind shopping for bulldogs.... ;)
I'm not a shopper either, my mom is the same way. Not a huge fan of being in crowds is one reason for it I think. I don't hate grocery shopping as much as you do though, probably because I get to go alone. My only kids are my furbabies and they won't let me take those babies in the store :)
a newly married (childless) friend of mine just posted this on facebook "ugggh going grocery shopping". my reply "I bet you're wishing you got to go grocery shopping with a 3-year old and drive one of the race car shopping carts around whille pretending you're a race car driver (yes, you have to make the race car sounds!?)...want to shop together sometime? I'd be more than happy to teach you how to drive those huge race car shopping carts, the best race car driving techniques and lessons in vrooom vroom braaahhhh vrooom, yup race car sounds! oh and did i mention that the kid is in the cart having a temper tantrum and grabbing things off the shelves as you go by....I agree, I hate shopping!
I keep laundry basket in trunk to lesson trips in and out to put bags in . As a mom of now 19 and 22
yr old kids i do miss those times goes by way tooo fast so enjoy it.
OOooooh, laundry basket is a great idea :) Sorry, I did not mean to come off as a whiner.... I think I have always hated to shop. Long before I had children. I am a homebody and don't like to go anywhere... lol
Sounds like me. ;) I am not a huge fan of shopping either, it is a pain, takes forever and when you get home and then have to put it all away is the worst part!!! Then on top of that you have to figure out what to do for dinner that night? UGH!!! I usually do a lazy nights cooking or leftovers. lol. I also am not a fan of crowds and prefer shopping earlier when nobody is hardly there yet. If it is bday gifts or stuff we need at home I try and buy online because it is usually cheaper than stores and much less hassle. LOVE online shopping tho could do that everyday. :D
You are not alone I hate to shop too, Most of my shopping is done on the internet, besides food. My husband loves grocery shopping so I am covered there. I did attempt a shopping trip last week. My son and his wife delivered twins last week. They needed a few unexpected things. So off to Walmart I go. There is a mother and daughter screaming profanitys at a cousin they hadn't seen in years. Both calling each other white trash and trying to out do each other HELLO! than the employes where rude on top of that. To top off that!! I was going down an isle that was blocked by a womens cart. I said do you mind if i move your cart. She starts yelling at me saying "All you had to do was ask!!!" what the hell! I left the store without buying a thing.. UUGG!!!
You are Definitely not alone. Especially with grocery shopping and kids. I don't miss those days at all. It's not fun when we are shopping for groceries for two, but it was much worse back when I was shopping for a family of 6.

I don't mind "browsing" in other stores. Bruce does, so we don't do it a lot. And I don't like going shopping alone.
I agree!!! Especially grocery shopping. I usually go Sunday night around 8pm - all the pallets are in the way for them to stock but there is usually no one and it only takes me about 20 minutes because I only buy what's on my list. I also have less to buy because there is only 3 of us and Julia eats lunch at school and dinner at my Gramma's two nights a week. Makes shopping a lot lighter. I'd probably have it delivered if I had more shopping to do - do any of you have Peapod? It's a grocery delivery service from Stop and Shop. You can use coupons, they not only bring it to your house but IN your house, go through your bill - what was missing, on sale, etc., and it's only like $10. My time and aggravation is DEFINITELY worth $10.

I don't really like to shop for anything else either. Although if I happen to be in the mood to shop, watch out! I make up for lost time. :lol:
Personally i shop on the internet :D Groceries too, all delivered by a nice man to my door at the time I asked for :)
My husband loves to shop, grocery, clothes or just root around the shops just incase....he goes to the local grocers or supermarket daily. He's so strange how can you love shopping
[MENTION=2]desertskybulldogs[/MENTION] ,if youre the only woman that hates shopping then im the only man that loves it...except when the wifey wants to go to JC Penny...thats one store i cant stand but other than that ill go with her shopping for clothes food parts antiques etc etc etc....now there is times when i just want to go in n out and go home but with her by my side we tend to spend alot of time just looking around and enjoying each others time while looking for junk or stuff we need/dont need...and when we go to Phoenix i take her to the swap meets just to browse and see what other items i dont need...thats our little vacation time...shopping hehe
Uggggh and I gotta go shopping today..... :down:
OK so looks like I'm the only one .............. I :heart: shopping!!!
I :heart: any type of shopping - even grocery shopping. Maybe its because I was a chef for six years and so just looking for ingredients and different foods is fascinating to me. However, I do agree that it is easier without kids. IF I had to take them when they were younger the local grocery store (Tescos) sold big sticks of french bread that I used to tear the end off and give to them as we went round. A mouth full of freshly baked, still warm french bread was enough to keep them quiet!!

Now I go on my own ... and prefer to shop on my own. The hubby is not allowed to come because then strange things appear in my shopping cart usually bags of M&Ms, cakes, or the most expensive things out of each aisle. So I try to shop when he's not around! I'm also very very very ANAL about unloading the groceries and putting them into the kitchen. I have to be the one to put all the stuff away, because then I know where everything is and it's like a recap of what I actually bought.

Clothes are ok ... but shoe shopping is the greatest .... :up:

Did I mention that I :luv: shopping .... if only I had the bank account to equal the :luv:!!!
I don't mind going to the mall, but I can not stay in one store too long... my wife notices a certain look in my face, like I am being tortured. At that point I follow her around, which drives her crazy... so if she needs to do any serious shopping and wants me to come along, it has to be at the mall so I can roam. I don't mind grocery shopping, except if my wife is with me... the scene is usually me holding the basket staring at her in bewilderment while calculating how long this trip will take if she spends 10 minutes comparing labels on every item before they make it in the basket. But it's the love that keeps me smiling through the whole thing :)
I hate shopping so much that it is 1:18 PM, I only have one baby dressed and ready, and I am sitting here looking at EBN. :whistle:

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