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    Hiya :) just popped by to say missing you and the girls,
    Hope you and your family are well and hope to see you on the boards again soon.
    Angie xx
    Hi! Yup, I'm a first time bully owner, and it's by far the best thing I've done in my life so far. (Shh...don't tell my hubby!) Loved looking at your pictures. I bet your household has a lot of drool! ;) Thanks for your welcomings (is that a word? probably not) on the forum. I look forward to learning a lot and making friends!
    PS - LOOOOVE the santa picture. I couldn't get Hudson to keep his antlers on...
    Sorry I posted the poll.... I did not know if you was coming on to post yours or not.... sooooowwwwy :(
    Visitor message is kinda like popping by to say hi :) Private messages are private, noone else can see them. Anyone who comes to your profile can read these messages.
    Your avatar is still broken. Can I help you fix it? I don't think you can see that it is not there.
    I didn't even see this til now. What's the difference between a visitor message and and a private message? Anyway, I got Ida from a guy in Mesa, this was his first litter.[/FONT]
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