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  • I did not realize you were with IBR. I just adopted "Buddy"!!!! He is now Brutus. I have posted several times about him here. He's such a joy to have in our family.
    Hey! I see that you are into the Indiana Bulldog Rescue. Where is it located? If its close by I wouldnt mind volunteering :)
    Hi David. Seeing you're an expert in bully behaviour and all, I'm hoping you can help me. As you may have read my bf and I recently acquired a 4yo bully from a friend's friend. Stig is not even 2yo. Punkin has a great demeanor and temperament, however, Stig's showing some dominance already. He tries to rest his head on Punkin and is showing some toy aggressiveness. Punkin always runs away and ignores when he does this, but Stig would sometimes follow him around. Any thoughts on how we can improve the situation? I'm hoping things will work out, but in a way don't want Punkin to become too attached to us if we need to rehome him. :(
    I was reading some old staph threads and seen where you used a otc cream along with the antibiodics for Layla. What kind of cream?
    goobers mom is going to donate her runner up winnings to Danica for the Photo contest. I will tell Lou, CPP and LCC just to send Danica something valued at $10 does that sound good?
    Oh I didn't know it was just meatloaf with mashed potatoes. lol. Such a great idea, most likely I'll do the same. Thanks for the tip and guaranteed I'll post pics. =)
    Hi Nikki,

    Can't help but remember the cake you made for Layla's bday. Was it grain and gluten free? Even so, do you still have the recipe or was it store bought? Stig's turning the big 1 at the end of the month and I'm researching for ideas.

    I was going to ask who updates that.....3 of them are actually adopted. We have 15 bullies right now and 2 permafosters
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