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Apr 24, 2010
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Chester is obsessed with going into bathroom when someone showers so he can stick his head past the shower curtain and catch water on his tongue - yes, I'm serious! :p There nothing like the sight of a long bully tongue while you're squinting through the shampoo that's running into your eyes!
I think it is great. Our girls don't come close to the bathroom....Bath is a 4 letter word around here.
I did have a cat once that jumped in the shower with me, she loved the bath! If we took a bath she would sit on the edge and put her nose in the water or her paws tapping it.
How cute is that? Cutty used to try and jump in with me when we first got him. Took a few times to get him to understand what no meant. lol.
Can just imagine the cat in the shower, not normal thats for sure! :D
I was taking a bath one time with Vegas in the bathroom and he decided to get into the tub with me. Water ended up going over the top of the tub, so one of us had to get out and it wasn't going to be him.
Vegas use to always sit by the tub while I showered. Now, he hardly gets out of bed until he hears his food hit the dish. Now Orion is in the bathroom while I shower. Usually she's getting into things..trying to open the doors under the sink and trying to climb the shelves.....She's a pickle.
that is so funny! Guess we can't request a photo or video of that one tho.... ;)
Dempsey is a regular peeping tom. The door to the shower tub area doesn't close right and he will head butt it open, than stick his head under the cloth shower curtain, and look through the clear plastic one and stay dry. He only does that to me, thank goodness. Then the cats will follow him in. I have a live studio audience almost every day.
Chester is so cute!!! Samson won't come near the bathroom while I'm showering, however if I use the downstairs bathroom that is just a toilet and a sink he always follows me in. Well he follows me alot but just not into a bathroom with a shower, he does not enjoy baths LOL
hahaha! how cute! Faith is always peeping her little head past the shower curtain when I shower, but now Chelios on the other hand doesn't like showers once he hears that water turn on her runs to hide its so funny! He puts on a sad face & trys to hide in the corner! lol Other times he'll find then run and jump into the shower. he's an odd little boy :p
Bear loves baths and tries to get in when i am in the tub or shower so its a battle. When i am in the tub and he tries to get in he settles for drinking the water and I have to continuously swat him away.
Love the stories. All our bully babies are unique thats for sure. Mr.Beefy will jump in the tub if there is water in it and swim or just lay down lol or to lick the water faucet.
o my im so glad i thought my dogs were the only ones that did that, i wanted to do a post but had a "hummm people are gonna think im weird" thought. lmao!!!
lex will come in look make sure im ok and run off w some type of clothin in the floor lol. during baths he thinks he has to join me i have a pic of him in the tub w bubbles that'll be a great black mail pic towards him hehe.... the other nite i was in the shower and i had left the boys out to play on a cool nite and lex comes in and he just sits at the tub w that im sorry look. i look at his body and he is COVERED in dirt from head to toe so get him in and move him to where the water will run down on him and he just sits there... o then he goes back outside and lays in the dirt while he's wet!!!!

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