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Apr 24, 2010
Buffalo NY
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We have a small crate for our Shih Tzu (who's about 10 lbs)..and an extra large for Chester. I stopped home on my way between commuting from one of our hospitals to the other (I work for a multi facility health care provider). I let them both out and told Chester to go in his pen as I held his treat. He takes off ahead of me and squeezes himself into the small crate. What a sight it was, I don't think I could have shut the door without giving him "grate lines" on his butt :p I had to pull him out backwards..but hey, any crate in a storm when it comes to the reward of a treat for going on in :D

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Jul 17, 2010
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That is too funny! Last night my husband brought Gertie and Ida in and put them in their crates, I was already in bed. He said, they went in each other's crates and so I'm leaving them that way. Well, for the next 15 minutes all I heard was
"scratch, squirm, wiggle, rattle, rattle" til I finally got up and put them where they belong, in their own beds, and they were both asleep before I could get back into bed.


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May 5, 2010
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Aren't husbands so helpful? We purchased a "baby kennel" off of craigslist for Orion when we first brought her home. (I love it and if anyone knows where I can get my hands on a bigger one...its from dogloo & I love the way the crate is secured on the sides by locks like those on a tackle box) It's quick and easy to pull apart and clean.. Anyway, same move as Chester...Vegas went in it but he was unable to get out. I had to pop the top off and let him jump out over the side. He will often go into O's big girl kennel...which just makes her mad. But she will hang out in Vegas's kennel.
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Jun 16, 2010
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Hahaha! That is just too funny! I agree with everyone! You seriously need a pic of that [MENTION=530]LisaRN[/MENTION]! i'd love to see that! lol Silly Chester :p

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