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Oct 18, 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I come on here desperate and at my wits end! We have a 7 month old male who is having some behavioral issues. For the past month to month and a half he gets very worked up and will begin licking my legs (even if I have pants on) and tries humping me or the air. For obvious reasons, I try to stop this behavior and tell him no which leads to him getting extremely aggressive (growling, barking, showing teeth & biting) with me and just continuously trying again and again until he's exhausted himself.

When at home I can usually counter this by putting him in his play pen for a few minutes as a time out, BUT I bring him to work with me each day (office job) and it has become such a nuisance and distracting for my coworkers when he is barking and growling at me because I won't let him hump my legs! I try distracting him with a toy, taking him on a long walk around the neighborhood (this seems to make him even more worked up when we get back), telling him no, swat on the butt, rolling him on his back, even tried a spray bottle with water but NOTHING will stop him when he's in this mode.

He does not try to hump anybody else like my husband or coworkers or even his bed or pillows (I've tried to give him one). He just wants to do it to me!

I don't think this is a dominance thing either due to the licking of the legs and his "you know what" protruding during all this activity.

Is this something neutering him will fix or should I look into behavioral training? Any tips or have you gone through this yourself?

I've tried scouring this forum and the internet for advice but haven't come across a scenario similar to mine.

Thanks for any advice.


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May 2, 2013
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I am not an expert by any means but, I feel like it is a dominance problem. Especially since he only does it to you. He doesn't respect you. I would put a martingale collar on him,(learn how to use it) and practice at home with disciplining
him. Tell him no "hump" as you train. Keep that collar and leash on him at work. You may have to have a crate at work, if you don't have the time-then practice as much as you can at home. Only take the collar off if he is left home alone.
I believe neutering will help some, but he has to respect you. Others will have suggestions also.
This is just a reassurance-I had a tiny 4 lb poodle who had that surgery years ago. He did just fine.Does you Dr. know Bullies/anesthetic.....


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He doesn’t respect you.. it is a dominance issue. Start by going back to basics with training… use nothing in life is free technique.. very easy and whole family must use the same commands and limits/restrictions. At 7-10 months they tend to be more rebellious so you have to reinforce the training

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