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  • greetings. i too live in el paso texas and am looking for a caring veterinarian that is knowledgeable about the bulldog breed. do you have any recommendations? thanks in advance.
    What a nice message! I have to say I was quite surprised by the reputation. Sometimes I wonder if people look at that special needs list or if they do and just get stuff and mail it without us know. It's all good and every bit help. So what do I call you, lol?

    I'm addicted with EBN too and my hubby's ok with it...the bullies not so much at times, ha!

    Glad to have you back too!!!
    Thank you for the reputation on the Special Needs bullies. I see you've been a member for a long time. Good too see you here again. Hpe to see more of your bully too. :)
    we're on the 101 and 67th avenue!! lets play soon! definitely before it gets hot!
    Holidays were quiet. My youngest son started hanging with the wrong crowd and early Dec we had no choice but to kick him out to his dads. He had nothing to do with us over Christmas, which was hard for me, but I got through it.
    Bella and Abby are doing great! School will go by fast, it doesn't sound like it, but it will and then you are working for the rest of your life. Enjoy it now.
    I know, what have you been up to? How were your holidays? Hope all is well and hope to see you via posts more often. Don't be a stranger, a lot has happened since you were last on.
    I will call her later this week and find out. I know right now= they only have one bully for adoption! AMAZING. But that can change overnight.
    He is at the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue...the website is . If you go to the site, his story is right on the front page. Then if you are on Facebook, you can go to the page Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and look at the piccs. However, I must warn you that they are very "out there". I cry every time I look at them, and I haave seen them dozens of times. Boo is one of the bullys I first donated to, and he has come so very far. I don't know how much you know about rescue of bulldogs, but it is an eye-opening experience to learn. Adopt-A-Bull Rescue in Coral Springs, FL has a wonderful little girl named Courage..are you in Texas?
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