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Dec 16, 2011
San Jose, Ca
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Mila and Bruno
My wife has this creepy Easter Bunny she puts out for Easter. We call it creepy because it changes height from about 3 to 4 feet high. My wife changes it on purpose just cuz. It is just to the right of the main hallway. Every day I play fetch with Bruno by rolling his Nylabone ring down the main hallway. The other day I rolled his ring down the hallway and it went behind the bunny. He was like HELL NO I am not trying to get the bone from behind the bunny. I got the bone for him and tossed it again. It landed right in front of the bunny. When he went to get the ring he pushed it into the feet of the bunny. The bunny fell forward towards him. I have never seen a 55 pound bulldog move so fast. He got out of the ways so fast I don't think it even touched him. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. He refused to go down the hallway for days. He still refuses to play fetch down the hallway. I am sure if I got it on video and posted it online it would have 5 million hits by now. I tried to upload a picture of the bunny but there must be some filter that only allows pictures of dogs. This picture is him hiding in the kitchen while I was taking a picture of the bunny. Maybe the bunny needs to play hide and seek in the trash can. Don't tell the wife.
Goldfish (cracker not an actual goldfish) bribery worked to get Bruno into the Creepy bunny picture and the picture uploaded. Treats overcome all fears.
OMG... Walter would lose his mind over that :biglaugh:
Too funny, but food wins over fear. LOL
:lmao: Lambeau would have never gone near it either.... but food would make him think about it
The wife got so many comments, to get rid of the bunny, on facebook she put it back in the closet. All is good now. Bruno is free to roam the hallway again.

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