1. M

    Lump on Bulldogs Palate

    Hello everyone, I noticed a pink, oddly symmetrical lump on the top of Chesters (4 years old) palate the other day, I’ve attached a picture below. I had never seen anything like it, and my breeder hadn’t either. Going back to my pictures and videos, I’ve noticed you can make it out since...
  2. JorjaSnoh

    New Member Jorja Snoh | Lilac Tri Merle

    Hello Everyone, Wanted to get more knowledge and involved in the EB community so I thought what better way then to Google for Forums. Bought My Beautiful Jorja , now 5 months old, about a Lil over a Month ago and have been lovin’ every second of it. Absolutely in LOVE with her! My first time...
  3. Amy89

    Hair loss

    Hi all. Can anyone help with the below pictures? Bruce has started with hair loss just down his sides. He doesn't seem to scratch.
  4. JessicaK11

    Eye questions and concerns

    Diesels left eye (His left, right if we were looking at him) has always been more red/bloodshot looking. The vet has never questioned it or even mentioned it and it has been there since his well check up and shot appointments. I didn't think much of it since I know some bulldogs have more red...
  5. gobronco

    Creepy Easter Bunny

    My wife has this creepy Easter Bunny she puts out for Easter. We call it creepy because it changes height from about 3 to 4 feet high. My wife changes it on purpose just cuz. It is just to the right of the main hallway. Every day I play fetch with Bruno by rolling his Nylabone ring down the...
  6. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE!~ 10th Annual Bulldog Grinch Contest!

    Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Annual Bulldog Grinch Contest! :christmasgrinch: It's January and Christmas is over, and these bulldogs had enough of all that Holiday Cheer! These bullies and their pouty faces, they really make the Grinch look happy! Show us your bullies attitude and...
  7. KrysA724

    Tear stains suddenly

    So Brisket has been eating Fromm puppy gold, and it is not grain free, but I do plan on transitioning to it soon, however he has been getting into the habit of getting into Oreos food and he is eating Fromm with grain( it’s the chicken a la veg) and his tear stains have been getting dark. Both...
  8. P

    New member

    Afternoon all just wanted to say hello as me and our Reggie are new members so will be looking forward to lots of pictures and advice with our new little bundle of utter stubbornness (and joy):D:D:D
  9. H

    Vote For Auggie!

    We adopted Auggie from the shelter Humane Rescue Alliance in DC and they are currently doing a fun fundraiser calender contest! We entered one of our favorite pictures of Auggie! He's so sweet and let's you do anything to him including wearing sweaters and a giant elf hat! Each vote is $1 and...
  10. M

    Hi everyone new member

    HI EVERYONE :hiya::hiya::hiya::hiya: I’m New here and thought I’d introduce myself and my new baby piglet who I’ve had for a couple of months now, I’m Leanne and my babies name is Tennessee he’s a blue tan who carries the chocolate gene , I’m looking forward to getting to know you all , seeing...
  11. TheIncredibleSulk23

    Update on our little girl!

    Hi all, It's been a while since introducing our pending arrival, Rebel; but I've been saving a few pictures and videos up which have been sent from our breeder. Rebel is growing up wonderfully well as you will see! We are in constant contact which is brilliant, having pictures, videos and...
  12. L

    10 week old puppy folding his legs while walking....plz help

    I’m a first time puppy owner and I bought Loki when he is 8 weeks old. From past week he started folding his right leg while walking in a different manner like the below picture. The vet said that he has no pain and asked us to keep an eye on him. Now he started doing the same with the left leg...
  13. SMammers816

    Help... Defecating in crate at night :(

    HELP.... please!! Copper is a year and a half and we have a situation where he will defecate in his crate at night. Our dogs always sleep in their crate at night and Cooper is downstairs in our living room. Gunner, our six year old fur baby, sleeps in a crate upstairs in our room. We tried...
  14. Amy89

    Blackish lump on testicles

    Hi all, I am trying to get an appointment at the vets but with this virus it is becoming difficult. I have recently noticed a small blackish lump on Bruce's testicles. Does anyone have any advice. I have some pictures if this helps Thanks Amy
  15. xsubsailor

    Reintroduce Pickle

    It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in, so I figured I would send in some pictures of my sweet angel. When I checked in last it was 2015 wow. So here are some updated photos She does beg for beer - she is truly English.
  16. Chunky White

    Some Chunky pictures and update

    Chunky is back to being his normal goofy and sweet self after months of being lazy all the time. I am not sure what caused the inactivity but wondered for a while if he wasn't depressed being away from my nieces and nephews that kept him active all the time. He has been living with me full time...
  17. P

    Howdy from Diesel and Tank

    Howdy! We just joined and look forward to learning new things and meeting all of you. Diesel is our 2 year Olde English Bulldogge and the newest addition Tank is our 6 week old English Bulldog. Diesel really needed a friend so that's when we found Tank. So far they have that big brother/little...
  18. 1Chumly

    Monty. How fabulous is this?

    We received this in the mail and what a wonderful, wonderful surprise. Buckets of tears (of course) but we absolutely love it. It is perfect. We have hung it in our breakfast area between Sadie (left) and Chumly (right). We were wondering what type of picture to do of Monty as my friend who...
  19. N

    Black Spots on Skin

    My senior bulldog as developed some mole like spots on his skin. Most are flat and 2 are slightly raised. Just noticed them so will make him an appointment but curious if anyone had any suggestions on what it could he. He has a history of allergies and in the past 3 months he’s had two bouts of...
  20. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ Bulldog of the Month ~ 9th Annual Bulldog Grinch!!!

    Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Annual Bulldog Grinch Contest! :christmasgrinch: It's January and Christmas is over, and these bulldogs had enough of all that Holiday Cheer! These bullies and their pouty faces, they really make the Grinch look happy! Show us your bullies attitude and...