1. helsonwheels


    Enjoy your family’s & friends!
  2. gobronco

    Creepy Easter Bunny

    My wife has this creepy Easter Bunny she puts out for Easter. We call it creepy because it changes height from about 3 to 4 feet high. My wife changes it on purpose just cuz. It is just to the right of the main hallway. Every day I play fetch with Bruno by rolling his Nylabone ring down the...
  3. SamiSalo

    Help Needed! Kidney Stones - Stent

    Hi. Looking for info ahead of my consultation tomorrow. Family vet is closed through Easter (today too), so I'm missing their trusted opinion. Salo wouldn't stop throwing up so I took him to Emergency. Long story short, he has stones, one kidney is blocked. The specialist who did the...
  4. helsonwheels


    Have a beautiful Bully Easter Day!
  5. Vikinggirl


    Wishing a Happy Easter to Everyone on EBN, and to all the Beautiful Bully Babies. I hope everyone has an Eggcellent Day filled with lots of Love, Peace, Family, Health, and Chocolate, but not for the Bullies, may they enjoy a hard boiled egg.
  6. helsonwheels


    Have a beautiful, peaceful weekend. Enjoy & Stay Safe.
  7. rjisaterp

    Happy Easter Monday

    To our Canadian, Aussie, NZ, UK (except Scotland), and Ireland, Happy Easter Monday. At least this is what my Dilbert calendar is telling me.
  8. cefe13

    Happy Easter from Castor

  9. robanddonna

    Happy Easter from Roscoe

    Our children were afraid of the Easter Bunny when they were little, but not Roscoe!! He loves everybody.
  10. ddnene

    Hoppy Easter!!!

    Wishing you and yours a very joyous Easter weekend...
  11. Vikinggirl

    Dangers of Chocolate for Dogs

    With Easter just around the corner, just a reminder to be careful where you hide your Easter Chocolate, and where you store it, also remind your kids to be careful where they leave their Easter Treats so that the dogs can't get into it and get sick. Chocolate is dangerous to our Furbabies and...
  12. MamaAndi

    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ~Maximus~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    They say you cannot teach a old dog new tricks. For 9 year old Maximus, the new trick was learning how to live with a new baby around the house. Unfortunately, he just could not seem to learn that new trick. His parents surrendered him to us so we could find him a quiet and calm home for him to...
  13. Vikinggirl

    Happy Easter Everyone

    Wishing all my EBN Family a Happy Easter. I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with family, love, health and blessings. Happy Easter to all the Bully Bunnies. I love you all.
  14. Cecil

    Hello! I'm Luke and here is Burt

    Hello, I'm Luke and Burt will be coming home Easter Weekend!
  15. B

    Not eating..

    Hey all! Happy Easter weekend!!... Bogey's got a show next weekend and we've been looking to put on a few extra pounds on his frame the past two weeks. Everything has been fine with him except the eating part. Bogey is currently on Acana duck and pear with cheeses, minced carrot and Orijen...
  16. helsonwheels


  17. helsonwheels

    Surgery Monday

    Neutered time!!! I called the vet today making sure dates are right cause surgery falls on Easter Monday. So they are close Friday but not Monday. Hate long weekends then you have surgery. Better be sober cause you dont want a pissed off Italian woman in you face! :no::no::no...
  18. jdeveaux

    Happy Easter from Jupiter

    And the Stink Eye picture...
  19. bullmama

    Easter Bullies-- Time for public vote!

    It's time to make sure you get your vote in for the Easter Bullies contest-- the photos with the most "likes" will make it to the 4 paw member voting round!! Remember there is more than one page of entries You may like as many photos as you wish. The like button is the under each post. On...
  20. Vikinggirl

    This Is Very Cool

    A man in Germany hung 10,000 plastic coloured Easter eggs in his apple tree for Easter. This looks so cool