Bob is his name .


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Nov 7, 2015
Bulldog(s) Names
Hello, I am a happy English Bull Dog owner , he is my first bull dog. I want to know everything there is to know about my new dog. He is 9 weeks old and his name is Bob.
Hi There Bob welcome to EBN
First thing you do Bob is I know you are young is get your 2 legged pet to take pics of you for us all , here we love pics and post soooo many of them
Next thing you do Bob as you are 9 weeks old is get your two legged Pet too take time to read all the cool stuff about your ancestors especially the Food Guides , Important to grow you up right from the begining right M8
Good to see you here Bob hope to see more of you very soon .
:hiii::peekaboo::welcome:As you can see you found the right place great people, support and information warning though this site can be addictive. Like the name Bob wonder if it suits the way he looks guess we will know when dad posts a picture or three to start Lol. Look forward to seeing and reading how Bob grows and how his personality plays out. Good luck they are a breed unlike any other hope your ready to open your heart and receive it all back ten fold :yes:

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