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  • :christmas36::santa::christmas12::christmas8::sled::snowballfight::christmas30: The First Snowball Fight is officially on!! SPLAT, GOTCHA, PASS IT ON, BUT YOU CAN'T GET THE ONE WHO GOT YOU!
    Everything is great! everyone is fully intergrated. They play nice without any problems and Jack now has the full run of the house (supervised of course)! They still do not have any toys except one ball, but that will take time. I do not want any cause for fights. Thanks for asking
    Hey Lady, how are you and Murray?? Good to still see you on here. I've been MIA - but hoping to get on more regularly!!
    Such a pleasure to see your note, thank you for thinking of us.

    Yes, Cami & I are well, I'm going thru a bit of depression (it
    is symptomatic of Lupus & Fibro) and a bit of other things as
    well. So, a bit quiet but will rally soon enough.

    Hoping things are going better for you at work & personally.
    And that Murray is completely recovered...always in my prayers.
    Love y'all :)
    Are YOU okay, Carolyn?

    Has the Vet relieved your mind today?

    Those meds help the eye heal up quickly
    and the pain med helps immediately. He
    looked much better (already) in that last
    pic you sent (not as woeful).

    Are you fully recover from strep & all? I'm
    here if you need to vent, Honey...and you
    know I pray for y'all and I believe that's
    powerful stuff. Sending LOVE, PEACE and
    STRENGTH to you <3
    Thought I read where you have/had strep throat?
    How dreadful, my sweet friend, am praying for
    you now and hoping it's gone...sending big hugs!
    Good morning CCM.... I know you home cook for puppy. Im curious how much protein you give per day. I give Nyala 2 cups per day of turkey. I find it's enough and yet I read some places its not. Cheers dear!
    CAROLYN!!!! Congrats on your award. Just wanted to drop in and say what a pleasure it has been having you on EBN!! Even though I'm MIA this time of year, I think of you guys all the time and miss it here when I can't check in dailyā€¦even weekly!! So happy for you, keep up the great support :heart:
    Hi Carline, All is good here and hope the same your end I booked my holiday on Thursday to come back over there I only have just eight weeks until I leave so looking forward to it missed not coming in Nov
    Hey there! everything seems fine with that rep.... nothing in the Admin panel was showing as negative. and I read the comment, all very positive
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