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  • Donna, still praying for you and your family. Miss you very much on EBN,but I know when you are ready,you will be back. When I lost my husband,I had no one,and still don't. One thing I tried to do was tell myself how lucky I was to have had him. The why will never be answered. The love will last forever. Being thankful for the time you had is the only way you can try to think of things. Sending much love and prayer to you and your husband. Hold on to each other.:heart::heart:God give you strength to get through.
    So sorry for your loss. Couldn't imagine the pain your experiencing. Although, I can feel your pain of losing someone. I found my Older Brother, (who basically raised me when my Dad left), deceased on my couch 2/2/2001 from heart failure. He was only 27 at the time. It just hit the 15 year mark. My life has never been the same. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and just know he is with God and not suffering anymore. I know all too well about not being in a good mental state and its not easy nor a good thing to have to live with daily. I'm actually on SS Disability due to my mental health since finding my Brother passed away. I actually tried to go be with him 7 months after his death and God had other plans for me I guess. But if you need to talk or message I'll be glad to talk or whatever you need whenever you would like. I send my love and prayers to you and your family and may God be with you in this much needed time of grief and pain..............Love, Ashley
    Continuing prayer for you and your family. God only knows why things happen. We will never understand. I wish I were near to hug you and pray with you,and perhaps help get you through.Some people will tell you it takes time. Well, you know, there is never enough time. Love you,Donna
    Sending tons of LOVE up the road to you & your family.
    Also (of course) keeping Samuel's wife & boys in prayers.
    So wonderful to hear your voice, Donna...your call is most
    Woke up very early am and you & your family were immediately
    on my mind. I began to pray as a crushing weight of pain and
    deepest grief filled my heart, loss so palpable! I thought of you
    then your husband then Samuel's siblings and all of your extended
    family & friends that love him so dearly & the overwhelming reality
    that he's gone from y'all...and I wept for each of you. Amazing how
    God puts people on our hearts to support in prayer that we've not met.
    The prayers we never know about, prayed for us! How awesome is God,
    the Father, who is everlasting faithful and so tender is His love for us.
    Just wanted you to know that God is thinking about you and cares that
    you suffer. I send you loving hugs & wish I could anything to ease your
    pain, Donna.
    Donna, I am praying for you and your hubby. I know when the shock wears off,there is more pain. GOD help you to get through and I am thinking of you each day. GOD Bless you and your family.:pray:
    Thinking about you & your Family today and so often.
    Donna, I send you softest hugs, my dear friend and
    daily lift you up to Jesus. <3
    Donna, I am truly sorry for your lossā€¦ I can not even imagine the pain. If you need anything, please let me knowā€¦ I will be praying for you and your family.
    :christmas34::snowballfight::christmas34: The First Snowball Fight is officially on!! SPLAT, GOTCHA, PASS IT ON, BUT YOU CAN'T GET THE ONE WHO GOT YOU!
    :christmas34: :snowballfight: :christmas34: The First Snowball Fight is officially on!! SPLAT, GOTCHA, PASS IT ON, BUT YOU CAN'T GET THE ONE WHO GOTYOU!
    Hi I noticed you feed you EB orijen. I was wondering if I should feed my puppy the large breed or just regular puppy..
    Oh I know exactly what you do! The teachers conferences always offer workshops. When I was a poor college student listening to the speakers only they offered the glass beads shop like you described! A friend of mine showed me what they were able to do. You must have some awesome jewelry pieces! I'm certified k12 and was offered a elementary spot at a better district. Looks like I'm going to be hanging with the little ones for a while!
    Hey! Looks like we have something in common. I'm an elementary art teacher. I admire blown glass, but I haven't be able to experience it myself yet.
    I hope so! She had her cast put back on today, and the vet scheduled her 4 week x-rays for next Thursday. I can't wait. I am so hoping for good news!!
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