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  • was interested in adopting Charlie was the next step? I have already filled out the registration papers and application.
    I just point and shoot. Pippy and Lala do all the work. I have as much fun as they do.
    Many thanks!
    Thank you. Honestly, losing her is right up there with the way I felt when I lost my mother-in-law. I don't think that there is a person that came into contact with her that doesnt' miss her. She was such a kind, sweet, furry person.
    Thank you! I am nervous but love teaching the subject so hoping my first class goes well. :)
    Pima Community College. I don't know that much about the program yet but it seems like they also work with the University of Arizona for their nursing program.
    I try! :D It is definitely one of my favorite subjects to teach. They have a nursing program along with several other health-profession programs.
    Thanks! I will be teaching A&P primarily right now, with maybe some additional guest lecturing in biochem. It seems like a great CC so I am excited for the opportunity.
    Dear Chris, the Granny Panties Purse arrived today :jumpdance::happydance::jumpdance: Thank you very much for the awesome treats - PĆ¼ppy LOVES them :havemyheart: :thanks: :heartsign:
    The purse looks great :w00t:
    I'm a very proud Granny Panties Purse Holder and I will do my best to contribute and to fullfill everything included:D
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