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  • Dunno with all the forest we have here drought would scare hell out ta Me , and we are on well water here no pipes here lol , as much as I hop on a cruise ship once a year to get away from this crap ( not this year witha 70 cent dollar ) We need that snow and rain to refill everything , 5 years Jesus that is along time do you even have grass ?
    Hope you & Maggie have a wonderful weekend!!! How is Maggie feeling? I've been SUPER busy this week, forgot to check-in w/you guysā€¦ Lol
    Oh my goodness, I hope she went to the doctor's for antibioticsā€¦ Happy NEW YEAR'S to you guys too!!!
    OMG that's horribleā€¦ I really hope she feels better. I'm starting w/some coughing crap, I'm going to take some Emergen-C to see if we can nip this in the bud. Thanks about the pics, yep Wally seems to be happy about his little sisterā€¦ we shall see!!! Lol :tongue:
    I had bronchitis one time SO bad they wanted to hospitalize me, best thing is to sit in the bathroom w/the shower FULL STEAM hot as possibleā€¦ it helps to break up the mucous and get it out of her chest. I hope she feels better soon!!!
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