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  • Hee hee. I need something sturdy to keep from making the package bend, so I used one of his pics from an old calendar - I knew it would make you smile :) Hugs to Frank & you!
    Awesome! Teach them well! My students depend on good A&P instructors. Is there a nursing program there?
    Congrats on the new position! :2thumbs: What will you be teaching at the community college? I am a big fan of community colleges--having taught in them for over 12 years!
    That's great news Frankie is doing good, we are having a great time but we miss you not being here but next time we are duscussing one in New York.
    You are SO welcome, please let me know if you have any others! I know Frank will be just fine :)
    No lie, Sea-Bass hasn't let that green football leave his sight! It's now officially named "baby" he recognizes when we say "where's your baby" ā€¦.but the sweetest thing is, he is so afraid of breaking it that he is extra gentle to make sure it doesn't rip or breakā€¦.I have never seen him react to a toy like this oneā€¦I'm considering writing a piece about it!! xo
    I totally understand... there were many treats used in our Christmas pictures. LOL hahah. Ours went out today, hope you receive it soon! ;)
    Got your card, seriously - PRECIOUS! And I so creative. Frank is such a stud. Thank you!
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