Hello All, New member, new pup.


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Oct 20, 2020
United States
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Hello all!,

I've been searching and reading the website for the last couple of days after I signed up. There is tons of great information here. I purchased my first dog ever from an EB breeder here in Southern California.

My puppy's name is Lola, she is a Blue Tri EB. Lola is 9 weeks old and full of energy.

I hope to learn a lot from everyone here, I have so many questions and I will be asking them pretty soon because I have not found an answer but I just wanted to introduce myself to this wonderful community.

Castor says hello and welcome to sweet little Lola!

I agree; this is a great forum and there is so much information here.
What a cutie Lola is!!

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Lola is a cutie for sure!
Welcome to EBN!!

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