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  • oh how fun it's christmas and a birthday...does she get double the gifts hehe...titan is also my first bulldog...(well mine and my boyfriends)...I am 22 years old and live in southern california in the Riverside area. I think Titan would be too afraid to walk in the snow..he is a scardy cat :shhhh: haha. yes any time you would like to chat feel free :D it'd be great
    Did you figure it out yet? :) Just posted the little snowball fight smiley under all the smileys and then wrote my snow ball fight message!
    aww thank you. i found this website that let's you create the backgrounds to put your pictures in. it looks so real haha. We are doing great! titan is healthy (thank goodness) and growing like crazy...he's 7months now and he's definitely growing outwards;if you know what i mean. are you and your little Lily? how old is Lily? ahh you live in new york! Do you guys play in the snow!? i wish titan had that experience but we'd have to drive up to the mountains for that. :D
    :snowballfight: SNOW BALL FIGHT!!!!!!!! Smack 5 other people with one, but you can't hit me since I hit you!!!
    HI!! thanks for the nice message! :) Have a great day and give that beutifull bully a hug from Duke and I ! :)
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