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Aug 26, 2021
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Bulldog(s) Names
So I’ve had my dog for 4 months now, he’s 6 months old he’s been on RC since he was with the breeder, he recently stopped wanting to eat it, like he’s not even enthusiastic like how he used to be he just smells it and walks away, he’s never been like that at all and I think he’s so over the food, I also noticed he’s been shedding so much, like to the point where he’s half laying on me and I’m petting him and his hair is flying on my face… he has a vet appointment on 7/12 and I’m gonna talk to vet but I wanna switch his food I know he doesn’t like it anymore.. he doesn’t eat people food either other than an occasional treat like watermelon, apples, blueberries and baby broccoli.
My dog has been the same way I give him royal canin he occasionally gets sick what food do you give yours

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