1. bulldogs1501

    Allergic to Food, or something else?

    Hello all! So Moose is almost 4 years old and almost all of his life he has been on N&D Cod Grain Free. We've switched up the protein, but anytime we've done so he has had either upset stomach or his eyes start bothering him. So we stuck with what works. Lately, he has started to throw up, and...
  2. 5

    Hello, New here and new pup on the way in two weeks.

    Hello, We just lost our six year old English Bulldog earlier this spring. He was a good boy but had many health issues, The worst of which was epilepsy. He required 5 pills twice daily on a pretty strict schedule to control seizures. He also had chronic ear infections and developed dry eye late...
  3. M

    Lump on Bulldogs Palate

    Hello everyone, I noticed a pink, oddly symmetrical lump on the top of Chesters (4 years old) palate the other day, I’ve attached a picture below. I had never seen anything like it, and my breeder hadn’t either. Going back to my pictures and videos, I’ve noticed you can make it out since...
  4. P

    Does anything really work to eliminate tear stains?

    Hello bulldog lovers! I have a puppy 7 months old. She has REALLY bad tear stains and I need help figuring out what to do. She had a little staining when we got her at 8 weeks. At that time she was on Fromm Puppy food. The breeder suggested switching to Victor Performance food as that is what...
  5. YDsmomma

    My dogs shedding like crazy😭

    So I’ve had my dog for 4 months now, he’s 6 months old he’s been on RC since he was with the breeder, he recently stopped wanting to eat it, like he’s not even enthusiastic like how he used to be he just smells it and walks away, he’s never been like that at all and I think he’s so over the...
  6. H

    URGENT!!! HELP with food selection food to transition (new four legged mommy)

    Hello to all. We just got a EBD. His name is Hank. He is 10 weeks old. The breeder was feeding him Victor and his stool was really soft, really dark and smelled really bad. After tons of google searches we decided narrowed it down to Royal Canin and Canidae. Took a trip to Petco to make a final...
  7. H

    Rescue dog skin issue, suggestions wanted

    Hi… I joined back in 2017 when I was considering getting a Bulldog to do some research. Fast forward to 2021….got that bully..a rescue, got another rescue and became a volunteer for our rescue. We lost our first rescue this year (we rescue seniors). So while doing a rescue transport last week I...
  8. D

    4 month old EBD

    Hello my fellow EBD lovers. Recently brought home my new baby boy Nugget. Slowly weened him off food Breeder was feeding him (Victor) to Hills Science Diet chicken and brown rice flavored because my vet recommended. He keeps having wet poos. Kind of like soft serve ice cream. No other symptoms...
  9. D

    Newbie Here - Hello all from Long Island, NY

    After wanting an English Bulldog my entire life, my daughter and wife were the straws that broke the camels back. Finally got my dream pup in February and couldn't be happier. Perfect breed for my family and definitely makes us laugh as well as keeping us on our toes! Diesel (I know it's common...
  10. rocco24

    Blueberries? Bad or good?

    Hello everyone! I’ve seen many people feed their dogs blueberries but the breeder I got my bully from said not to feed them any? Is this something specific in his breed or does anyone have anymore knowledge on this for me? Thanks! :fie:
  11. V

    General Question 11-week old puppy doesn't wag her tail?

    Hello! I picked up an 8-week old English bulldog puppy from a great breeder about three weeks ago. She's now 11-weeks old, and we're totally in love with her. Lots of energy, very sassy, and a overall a great puppy. She has some puppy traits that we are working on, but seem normal for her...
  12. N

    Baby Nutrition Needs

    Our new boy came home with us last night. He will be 12 weeks old on Wednesday. The breeder had him on Royal Canin bulldog puppy food. I will be cooking his food for him along with my other two dogs (different breeds). Is there anything I need to do differently for a puppy? I use
  13. H

    Stella and Angus’ babies

    Because our family and friends all love Angus and Stella so much and wanted one of their puppies, we decided to go ahead and breed once. We had a great breeder to help us along and happy to report Stella had 4 boys and 1 girl. Unfortunately the girl was a walrus baby and did not survive. But the...
  14. SidNBear

    First time EBD owner

    Hello! First of all I’m still figuring this website out so hopefully this posts correctly lol, but I’m a first time English bulldog owner, he’s an absolute terror. I love him but he definitely gives me a run for my money. I just have a few questions regarding his care, we are feeding him Hills...
  15. I

    Reputable breeder

    Hello. I spent a little time searching this site for the answer to my question and didn't really find it. I am looking for a puppy. From searching the internet I see price ranges from $800-5000. That's obviously quite a range. I'm weary of the lower priced puppies and can't spend 5k. I actually...
  16. B

    Newbie here... baby coming on question..HELP!

    Hi gang! We are so excited to bring our sweet boy home. I have a food transition question. Breeder feeds Country Value which I saw was rated as one of the worse ones 😭😭😭. I'd love to hear how you transitioned your pup to something high quality. I'm looking into dry kibble and want to make...
  17. J

    New puppy help and advice

    Good afternoon! I have a brand spankin new eb puppy. She’s is nine weeks old and does not have a name yet. I am struggling with names! We picked her up on Saturday and she’s has done pretty well so far. She came from the breeder eating Royal Canin Bulldog puppy. She eats it well. This morning...
  18. M

    URGENT!!! 5 week old puppy's back legs

    Hi! I'm about to view and hopefully put a deposit down on a then 6 week old puppy (she is just over 5 weeks now) The breeder has sent me many photos and a few videos however in a lot of the photos she's sitting like a lizard. Her leg sometimes sticks out too when she's sitting in the position...
  19. jtyson

    Adopted a problem child

    My first english bulldog. Had a frenchie before. This dude came from a rescue in Utah by way of California. He was a breeder throwaway effectively. Has his share of issues at the ripe old age of 2. He is a pain, doesn't listen, and is the most high maintenance thing I've ever owned. But boy is...
  20. E

    Help Needed! Hip dysplasia with luxation - FHO vs THR

    Hi everyone. We are longtime readers of this thread, and we thank you for all of your helpful advice. We have a 10 month old bulldog, who unfortunately after she was spayed had hip luxation (out of socket) on both sides. We absolutely do not blame our vet. On the X-ray there are signs of...