1. YDsmomma

    My dogs shedding like crazy😭

    So I’ve had my dog for 4 months now, he’s 6 months old he’s been on RC since he was with the breeder, he recently stopped wanting to eat it, like he’s not even enthusiastic like how he used to be he just smells it and walks away, he’s never been like that at all and I think he’s so over the...
  2. oscarmayer

    We have never given vitamins...

    We have always fed good quality kibble and occasional sardines, veggies and beer...Belgian Beer...yes, I don't mess around when it comes to beer and neither does Lala. Anyway...nearly 5 year old Bubba came into rescue a few months ago blind, dirty, greasy and extra stinky. We bathed him and...
  3. L

    What shampoo can I use that will reduce her shedding

    I'm looking for a great shampoo that can reduce cookies shedding any recommendations out there?
  4. P

    Anyone used shed defender ? Thoughts

    Back again.... Good evening to all. BY any chance has anyone used the Shed defender before. Ive thought about it before but then again being from Houston it get hot so I ruled it out. Id like to be able to take my girl Puma in all the cars at the house; Shedding rules her our on some fun...
  5. K

    Bulldog Constantly Phlegmy

    Hey guys. We are new to the forum and I have a question for you. We have two English Bulldogs, Kingston (1) and Montego (16 weeks). Kingston has had allergies from the start. We have finally gotten him dialed in on a food that doesn't upset his GI tract and doesn't cause extreme shedding. For...
  6. Cbrugs

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Lulu~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

    Intake Date: 7-31-18 Last Update: 9/21/18 Date Available: 9/21/18 Accepting Applications until: Age: n/a, believed to be about 5? DOB: n/a Gender: Female Weight: 41 lbs Energy Level: Low/cautious. Color & Markings: Fawn & White Good with other dogs: Yes Good with cats: Yes Good with kids: BBR...
  7. rbourque314

    Crusty & Scaly Skin - Allergies or Infection? (Pics)

    Hello all, My poor Lincoln, who is 2.5 years old, has something going on with his skin. I can describe the spots as crusty/dry and scaly (see photos). They don't seem to bother him all that much and are not red/itchy, but they are causing hair loss and excessive shedding. I have been using...
  8. B

    Help Needed! Hair loss, Vet does not know what it is.

    My Frances appears have hair loss on her flanks and her back. As I have been doing research I can understand her flanks being SFA but could it be the same for her back too? She is going to be two years old this August of 2018. In spring of 2017 she was having extreme hair loss as well , I was...
  9. taytoD

    Shedding clean up?

    It’s that time of the year...wondering if anyone has any tips on the best way to clean up bulldog hair and how to brush excess hair? Tayto’s fur is especially Stubborn and seems to get caught in everything.
  10. S


    Hello, new to site. I have 6 month old male. 32lbs. He is on FROMM Beef Frittata right now. Has anyone had issues with excess shedding while their bully was on this particular one vs the FROMM Salmon A' LA Veg?
  11. SampsonsMumma

    FROMM Pork and Peas

    Back in November I decided to make the switch to FROMM’s Pork and Peas for my bully Sampson. Everything seems fairly great so far on this food he was having stomach issues in the morning but ever since feeding him a small meal right before bed he has had no issues. However I have noticed that he...
  12. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Walter~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Indiana

    Walter is Adoption Ready Intake type: Owner Surrender Intake date: 04/25/2017 Age: 7 years Gender: Male Weight: 90 lbs Energy level: Medium Good with other dogs: No Good with cats: No Good with kids: No Object aggression: None noted Special needs: Walter requires sedation for his nail trims...
  13. Gunners Mom

    Help major hair loss ..... :(

    Hey guys we took a vacation last week went down to Florida keys and we decided to take Gunner with us. He had a great time found a dog friendly beach and took gunner ... long story short when we finished up letting him play in the ocean I washed him off with fresh water and towel dried him very...
  14. A

    Bald spots and scabs

    Hello, Our baby Buster has been shedding for about 6 months now. We have him on Vet3 caps similar to fish oil, but it doesn't seem to be helping his coat. In fact, recently he's developed scabs on the bald spots in his body. I've read that perhaps Melatonin might help out. Has anyone had his...
  15. H

    De shedding comb

    Is there a specific kind of combor brush i should use? I asked a fella at setsmart and he wasnt really sure. What do u use to pull all the loose hair off your bully
  16. Chunky White

    Anyone else having trouble finding certain Acana lines?

    I went to get Chunky's food today and was told that Acana is having issues with manufacturing some of there foods made in Kentucky which is where the Appalachian Ranch line is made. I have had Chunky on that for about 3-4 months now after switching him from Fromm because I felt like he needed...
  17. JennieS

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Atlas~ English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Texas

    Please welcome Atlas to our rescue family. Owner surrender Atlas is 70 pounds of muscle and spunk. He just turned 5 and seems to be very healthy, but he has not seen a vet in a long time. Fingers crossed all checks out well. Stay tuned for more details on this fine boy! He will be neutered...
  18. S


    Like all bullies, my puppy has a sensitive stomach. My last bully was the same way. For food, I have been using Simply Nourish Chicken and Brown Rice flavor from Petsmart 2 times a day with a scoop of cottage cheese on top. I am not getting solid stool from these foods and don't know if helps...
  19. S


    What does everyone use for bully shedding? I am seeing plain yogurt, greek yogurt, salmon oil, and coconut oil. What is best and where do you buy?
  20. Sicariobulldoggie

    Help Needed! Puppy shedding uncontrollably!! :( :(

    Hello I'm a new bulldog owner and my puppy (almost 13 weeks old) has been shedding uncontrollably to the point where there's chunks of his fur falling off and a little bleeding. My boyfriend and I took some of his chew toys away thinking he might have some sort of allergic reaction to it. Some...