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Mar 5, 2010
My bullys face seems to be itchy or something. I am not entirely sure if this is the case but he rubs his face on the carpet and also when he is in his kennel while I am gone he will do it also. He gives himself sores on his face and wrinkles. I dont know if he is maybe scratching it or what? But i clean his face daily with wipes. And i have been putting ointment on it but just recently got some of the dog hydrocortizone so im trying to put a small amount of that on him every once in a while too.
He probably has a yeast infection. First of all, you should find out if the food you are feeding is causing allergic reaction. Tear draining, especially if it is a lot, will cause yeast and could be numerous causes, including allergies or entropian, or even just the dog food you are feeding. See the "bulldog health" topics about what to feed your bulldog!

Animax/panalog cream with heal it but you would have to get it from your vet. You can also get medicated wipes like Douxo pads, Malecetic wipes, ect. Without a prescription. Once it starts healing you can use witch hazel or generic acne pads (dont use the expensive ones because they have too much medication in them and will bother your dog!) in the wrinkles to keep them dry and yeast free.

I would recommend calling your vet to get animax or panalog cream first, it will take about a week to get rid of the yeast.

Keep the wounds on his face clean with witch hazel until they heal. Yeast is very itchy and that is why he is rubbing his face, more than likely.

I would also check out the allergies article and dog food ratings. Finding out why he is itchy is as important as healing his itch.

I would recommend you take him to the vet so he can look and verify it is yeast.

Everything is trail and error, but calling your vet for advice would be recommended of course. I am not a vet, so my suggestions are based solely on experience with my yeasty Molly girl! :) (who is now yeast free by doing these things!) :)
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Try to use a warm washcloth instead of the baby wipes. I would clean Emma's face with baby wipes and she got worse so the vet tld me not to use them on her anymore. Her face has gotten alot better now.
I wanted to add that if your bulldog rubs his or her face a lot, causing sores or bleeding, it is very important to see a vet. These sores can become infected with bacteria from rubbing on carpets and furniture. Also finding the source of the problem is just as important as healing the wounds, canine allergies are very hard to deal with and medications and antibiotics are usually just a band aid to the real problem.
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