Reverse sneezes?


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Aug 30, 2012
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Tebow & Timmy
Tebow recently had clear nasal drainage and this weird 'cough' except it wasn't a cough. UTD on shots but I took him to the vet concerned that he might have contracted some bug causing a respiratory problem. His appetite was good, using the bathroom was fine, playful for the most part. Vet put him on nose drops and "cough tabs" which were the equivalent of Robitussin DM. Well, no changes in 5 days. I sent a video yesterday to a vet tech friend that is very experienced with bulldogs and she suggested that he was exhibiting a "reverse sneeze". This apparently is not a big deal in brachiocephalic dogs. There is a lot of pollen in the air, it's hot & humid... Then I went to our Kennel Club meeting last night & showed the video to a vet in the club. She took one look and said he was 'reverse sneezing', not to worry, her pugs do it. I had never heard of this before but had never seen it before this week. I can't get the video to upload but it sounds like he's going to cough up a "loogie". I did a search here and discovered that others have also experienced this and there are some articles posted.
Jake always "reverse sneeze". Been years n sure doesn’t affect anything. Still same old Jake.
Yep, reverse sneeze is very common in bulldogs and totally harmless yet scary when first encountered
So late to the Party!! All the things you mentioned can cause it my vet also advised that Dry air, like forced Air (Hot or Cold) can cause them to reverse Sneeze. And First time experiences can be scary, Ours was in the middle of the night, we were always able to pet and calm her back down and it would go just as fast as it came

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