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Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest!

This month's theme will be:

Bulldogs & Their Families

We know your bulldog is your bully-tine, but guess what? Their family is their #1 love! Show us your bulldogs spending time with their families to celebrate THEIR Valentines day.....for a chance to win FREE Nuvet Plus!


30 day supply of NuVet Plus Supplement, and $50 donation to any rescue to the winner!

To enter our next contest and learn all about our contest, and see the Bulldog of the Month Hall of Fame, please visit this link: Bulldog of the Month

If this is the first page you are viewing on our forum, then I really must tell you more about our site before you go! We have a lot of fun here with many events, discussions, daily "Bully" poll, and articles. We welcome all members or if you have a question about your bully health or care, we are happy to give whatever advice and experiences we can share. We hope you check out all our different forums and share your bully experiences with us! :up:


  • Only one photo per user please! If you submit more than one photo we will choose one from your entries.
  • All Bulldog Breeds are welcome to enter our contest
  • After February 22, 2016 we will no longer accept entries.
  • All photos will be posted within the 4 Paw Members board, and the 4 Paw Members will vote for their favorite photos until the second to last day of that month.
  • Winner and Runner Up will be announced on or shortly after March 1, 2016.
  • Once you enter your photo in this contest you are giving English Bulldog News permission to publish it on their website and newsletter correspondence, and possible future items such as calendars and greeting cards.
  • Your photo must belong to you. Photos cannot contain watermarks. Copyright laws forbid you from entering a photograph that was not taken (or taken with your camera to clarify) and the photo must belong by you.
  • You must be a registered member of English Bulldog News and submit your photo by replying to this topic.
Please! Only one entry. Any additional entries will not be eligible for the contest and will be deleted.

Winner of this contest will receive the following prizes:

  • 30 Day Supply of NuVet Plus Supplement
  • $50 donation to any 501c3 English Bulldog Rescue or Charity of their choice.
  • Photo will be featured on our Bulldog of the Month Winner's article
  • Photo will appear in our Photo Contest Archives
  • Photo will appear in our monthly newsletter
  • Photo contest award for their user profile

Runner-Up of this contest will receive the following prizes:

  • Photo will be featured on our Bulldog of the Month Winner's article
  • Photo will appear in our Photo Contest Archives
  • Photo will appear in our monthly newsletter
  • Photo contest award for their user profile

How to enter your photo in the contest:

  • You will need to reply to this topic to enter. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the "Quick Reply" box. Click the image icon in the editor and upload your photo.


  • You can copy the image code from and outside photo hosting like photobucket, imageshack, ect. Look for the bbcode that starts with

    If you are interested in becoming a [URL=""]4 Paw[/URL] Member to get additional perks to being a member of English Bulldog News, [URL=""]CLICK HERE[/URL]

    Contest is sponsored by English Bulldog News and the [URL=""]4 Paw[/URL] Membership :up:



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Aww so cute. I love pictures of dogs and children. They sure do look like they love each other and are best friends. ❤️


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May 30, 2015
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What a sweet picture! They both smile so happy - it's so heartwarming!
There is so much love in this picture :heartsign::havemyheart:


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Feb 5, 2016
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View attachment 95415 Frank the Tank and his big brother Gray

A little background- I am the principal of an elementary school in Delaware. Frank is my dog and the therapy dog at my school. He comes to school with me everyday and works with my counselor. My son, Gray, is a 1st grader at the school. Frank was featured in a few articles in the newspaper recently describing his "work". This was taken at my school with my son on a bench in the foyer. It's sums up their relationship and the relationship he has with the other kids so perfectly.


Jun 25, 2013
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The only one Ruthie.
My mom cropped everyone else out, this is my family and getting everyone and the dogs on the same page was not happening.
Gotta love family.



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Dec 7, 2015
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Beautiful picture....I hope to one day get mine to sit still like that for a nice photo. ;) We have to sneak up on her these days.
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