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  • Hey there! Bifi is doing fine he‘s 6.5 y/o now. How‘s Harvey? How are you snd the family? Be happy to accept your friend request. Bifimeister is the FB profile. I hardly visit here. Am mostly in FB. There‘s this group called The Great British Bulldog Group. I follow that and i highly recommend the group called Canine Enrichment. Lots to learn from them.
    HI there!! Joey is doing great now....started with limp last week....vet visit....2 days of Rimadyl and rest and good as new....Thank God! I just LOVE the loaf of bread photo!!!!! Joey lays like that and I ALWAYS think of a big CALZONE HAHAHAHAH
    Hey there! I am still "computer dummy" I will try to re post! I hope you anr Harvey and all are doing well. I have a special place in my heart for Harvey. I want him!!!:yes:
    Haha thanks! I was actually thinking that but I was having a hard time deciding. I think I’ll enter with that pic ��
    Monty is just great, thank you. We are so lucky to have this boy. He is an absolute joy and makes us laugh every day! Now, if I could just get his hair to grow back from his surgery, he would look perfect too!
    We are doing okay. Many problems,but everyone has them! We will get through! Thank you and Harvey for asking!!:heart:
    He's doing okay... got him on a new fish oil so hopefully his hair will grow back. We are still on a food trial w/the Fromm's pork and peas. How are things w/you guys in sunny CA?!!
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