Christmas Decorations, so far so good?


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Jun 2, 2010
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I've got my decorations up and so far Bear isn't that interested. He has tried to pull the Christmas bears off their seats and i've caught him chewing on the branches of the tree (fake).

Otherwise he's been very good to my relief. I purposely didn't put anything that resembled a ball on the lower half of the tree because he LOVES to play with balls, lol.

Is there any specific things you can't do decorating wise because of your bully? My beagle or my lab never cared about that stuff but i was worried with a puppy especially and EB. HAHAHHAHA, or shall i say HOHOHOHO.
Chester is SCARED TO DEATH of the tree! :eek: Though he is better with it today..if you look on the photo/video'll see my video of Chester hovered in a corner away from it. And the video of him trying to decide if he's going to step on the snow or not to do his business..and the answer was "not" LOL
I put our tree up today. It is in the living room. Gracie only recently decided it was ok to go in there. She only goes in there now if we are both in there. She did come in while we were in there for a bit after I was finished and really didn't react at all to the tree. But earlier in the day while I was rearranging thing to make room for the tree she was very frightened by the plant stand I temporarily sat in this room (den, where she spends most of her day). She acted like it was gonna eat her if she walked past it.

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