How many of you go bully mouth fishing?


I couldn't make this sh*t up if I tried!
Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
Bulldog(s) Names
Vegas seems to always have something in his mouth that he picks up off the floor, (and I am very clean) I have caught him with numerous items and some I have not caught until I see it in his :poo:,
Last night was a piece of garland that I had to fish out of his mouth, just now he was chewing, I would look at him and he would stop, I would look away and he chewed, we did this back and fourth about 3 times, quite the little game.
I got up stuck my finger in his mouth did a swipe and yes, It was a tiny screw!! I don't know where he found it but it was in there.
He loves my hair bands which he chews like gum, or I find them in his poo!!
I go fishing often! Sometimes whatever it is gets stuck in her gums and she will try hard to get it out but can't so i get to :eek: Sometimes i do wonder where Lola gets half the stuff that goes into her mouth. Mackenzie, who is 5, has to keep an eye on all her barbie and pet shop stuff. That is small and for some reason Lola loves loves that stuff.
With 3 bullies, its almost a daily occurance. If I dont notice it, Winston will actually come over to show me he has something and runs when I try to look in his mouth. But in true bully fashion, he will always trade it for a treat. I have found glass, thumb tacks, screws, paper, toy name it! I have no idea where they even find this stuff :confused: He especially likes to steal my cell phone and has even hidden it behind the AC unit in the back yard (his fave hidding spoy) :down: Im thankful the others arent as michievious as he is!!!
I'm pretty lucky with my 3. They don't put anything in their mouth except fluff from stuffies.
I got pretty good at this, nearly always "catch" something on a daily basis!! Mostly my son's smaller toys but he gets firewood pieces, leaves, lint, etc. i sometimes don't know where he finds the stuff. I vaccum everyday but I am sure I miss stuff.
I am always chasing Ireland around lol.. when we go out side its either little rocks or pieces of wood, she thinks its a game to run from me.. Inside I try my best to keep everything up but with 2 kids and 2 cats in the house someone is always droping something. its neve ending lol..
I am laughing so hard at this thread because it was just this morning I was fishing around in BOTH Linus and Truman's mouths because they are both like vacuum cleaners - every scrap of paper, bug, rock, fuzz, dust bunny - EVERYTHING goes in Truman's mouth and I am constantly trying to fish it out so he doesn't get yet another round of the poops.
Um.... with two toddlers in the house.... all day LONG!!!
we go fishing on a regular basis..... i find pecans, leaves, firewood chunks..... he loves chewing on the mesquite firewood
Princesses are more discerning in what they ingest ;)
Bacons bad about this! I think half the time he doesnt realize something is in his mouth, it gets trapped between his flabby lips and his teeth. We always laugh when we find stuff in there that he doesnt know about :lol:

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