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  • Hi! I saw your post from a few years ago abt the hotspot or Histiocytoma? My dog has a spot almost exactly like that on his ankle & itā€™s been worrying me to death. I was wondering what it ended up being? Thanks! -Kaylee
    Thank you so much for responding. I will look him up and give a call for an appointment. Thank you so much.anything else you think I need to know concerning my bully please feel free to share.. I'm a new mama . thank you
    Happy Birthday Nu from Denise, Bentle, Jewel, and me. Hi Stu and Curly....treat mommy good. :birthday6::partytime:
    It was super meeting you, Stewart and Curly today. Jewel had so much fun she crashed on the way home today and slept most of the afternoon. Your Curly is a super awesome bully that it was my pleasure to meet. He is a very handsome young man and I'm sorry he is haing trouble with his hips. You could not tell through his friendly disposition.
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