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  • I wish you weren't so far I would love to have Molly!! Bless you for what you do.
    You got them already - wow that was fast. When I saw who I had I knew you'd love them. I had already ordered them so you were the perfect person. I got two for myself too, lol. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!! :) :hug:
    thanks for reading the member spotlight piece and for your sweet comments. Yes, isn't it funny how we picture each other when we are on the forum, and then when we see a photo, it's like, "omg, totally different!" I do that too! :)
    YEAHHH I got them today and LOVE them!!! Bella was so excited when I put them on the Tree. She went right up and started sniffing them. They are beautiful. The bully is not on the tree but on display. I have a lot of Christmas bully stuff including Zelda's stuffed Snowman etc.... those all go on a shelf for display. Thank you so much!!!! Merry Christmas.
    Im sure a lot has changed in 9 yrs. The traffic is kind of crazy sometimes even worse than Indy. I like it here, but miss Texas so much this time of year....BBBUURRRRR!!!
    I'm dying here. I love your photo....I want to show you a layer technique that I used on it. I just need your okay to repost it. I'll delete it if you don't like it....
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