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  • So sorry for my delay!! I did not get notice this message came in.... it is probably a interdigital cysts, which is harmless, but caused by allergies. You can soak he paws in Epsom salts to help relieve the swelling. they are usually caused by allergies (food or environmental)... try wiping her paws after she is outside and if that doesn't help, we may need to talk about changing her food.
    There is a lot of information on interdigital cysts on the forum, I usually soak the paw in betadyne or cleanser..... sounds like maybe the turkey isn't doing well for her and causing allergic reaction possibly..... maybe try her on a beef or lamb type of food and see how she does?
    Hi! Bulldogs will blow their coats twice a year regardless and they will always shed, but the steps you are doing will help with the salmon oil and Nuvet plus. I feed Fromm Beef Frittata, what is she eating right now?
    Hi! You could try using a water and vinegar solution, (3/4 water, 1/4 vinegar) sounds like she could be yeasty!
    Did you find where to post your question? I would certainly try changing foods, just in case!!! You can call on the top foods like Fromm and find out from them if their phosphorus is high....
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