Worst day ever 😭


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Sep 17, 2017
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Two days ago our 10 yr old eb Jake hurt his back leg. We waited a day to take him to the vet to see if it would get better on its own. Yesterday he seemed worse so I made him a vet apt. Yesterday evening I started to notice other symptoms that he wasn’t feeling well. Today he was much worse but I never expected to leave the vets without him I expected an anti inflammatory and antibiotics. Sadly the vet said he had bone cancer and it wasn’t good she thought he was suffering. My heart is so broken. How did he go down hill so fast in two days? Rest easy Jake.
So sorry to hear this; we're thinking of Jake and you.
Very sorry to hear Mom. You did the right thing letting him go. Bone cancer can be very painful and thankfully, he had you, and you had the strength to shield him from that pain. I hope your healing comes quickly.
Ellie and I are so very to hear this, and send our best to you during this very tender time
So very sorry to hear this. RIP sweet Jake.
So sorry for your loss.

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So sorry for your loss! But you did right thing. What concerns how he could go from good to bad so quick it is bulldogs high pain tolerance- they start to limp or look sour only when the pain is really bad. Before when it is more or less tolerable they look happy and healthy. That’s the problem with bulldogs, often they show us that something is wrong when it is too late.
That’s what made this so hard it was so fast it was a shock to us.
Oh I am so sorry!!!! How shocking and heart breaking! Joey and I send you big, bully hugs and prayers. I hope that the 10 years of love and memories of Jake somehow bring you comfort!!!
I'm SO very sorry to read this, my sincere condolences... RIP Jake
It’s awful. Just Terrible. I read this and started to cry over our frenchie we lost 5 years ago. We (I) take pictures. A lot of stupid pictures. But if you have some funny pictures of Jake pull them out. Keep them out handy. It helps me. Hang in there. Sorry for your loss.
So very sad to hear about Jake. Yes, Bullies have a high pain threshhold , and he may have never shown it until now...Try to dwell on the good years he gave you, and that you wouldn't have wanted him to continue suffering. We all know how you will miss him, but he has pain no longer, and he loved you as much as you love him.So sorry for your loss. He will always be in your heart.
So incredibly sorry for you loss... he was loved and cared for by you all.

Rest In Peace sweet Jake

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