Mar 19, 2013
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Bulldog(s) Names
Norman(RIP) & Jenkins
Hi again. Thanks for all the kind replies to my previous post. This is Jenkins. 20200427_093845.jpg
He's settling right in. If you missed it, he's my second rescue Bulldog. Norm was my first. It's a whole different deal. Norm was 4. We're thinking Jenkins is about 1. How much did your bully weigh at a year?
I know raw hide bones are a no- no. Jenkins likes to chew. A lot. He seems to really like this super hard plastic type bone that came from the previous foster. Can anyone give me a quick refresher on what's good for chewy Bulldogs? I don't want him to damage or wear down his teeth.
Can you have a bulldog without a tail pocket? Norm had a screw tail with a pocket that needed daily care. Jenkins has a crazy tail. It's pretty much straight up with a kink.
We're working on housebreaking. As well as "sit", "leave it", "no", etc. So we're working on backdoor for potty, sit for leash (my yard isn't fully fenced) , out we go. Outside bathrooms get high praise and a treat when we go back in and sit for leash. He's caught on to sitting for a treat like a champ. He's even tricked the hubs into taking him out so he can come in and get a treat. He got me this morning. Sat his butt by the door, got my attention, out we went. But no potty! He went out and then wanted back in almost immediately. Then sat and looked at me like, "where's my treat? I'm a good boy." So any housebreaking tips?
Thanks for reading!
What a lovely photo! Sounds like little Jenkins is training you well, he, he! I think what you do sounds great. Learning new routines takes time and as long as he wants to go out, you can probably extend his outdoor activities to make him go. Perhaps play fetch with him outdoors or extend his walks?

I'm no expert on chews, but nylabones are good, are they not? Castor liked them when he was a pup.

More pictures of Jenkins, please!
Congratulations on your new addition! He's adorable! My guys all love to chew benebones! They last a really long time and are mess free!
I only give raw marrow bones from frozen. 5” should be long enough at that age n marrow is one of the best probiotic for the immune system.

They eat the middle for a few days n chew for weeks..

My dogs love these whole elk antler chews from skyline antler on etsy.
We get moose antlers, Nylabones and Benebones for our pups... don't get the Benebone w/the whole in the middle of it, get the one that looks like a stick.

Potty training can be tricky, but consistency is the key. Sounds like he has you guys trained already... Lol
He is adorable!

Chewing -- agree with raw marrow ones and moose antlers! I have used both for years with great results and no issues.

Potty -- you go the routine... just keep a schedule and only treat when he goes -- try giving the treat outside until he is fully trained
That's a good looking bully boy there. Good luck with everything and hope you and him have a very long time together. Thank you for rescuing him.

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