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  • :welcome3: I may be a little late,but my comp.doesn't always work(like me!) Glad you are here. I am always alone,except for my dogs,so this site has probably saved my life!! There are so many wonderful people here,you will love it! You will see, it's amazing.
    Mo's been on RC since she started eating dogfood; when I got her they sent her home with that brand and we've just stuck with it. She's not quit one year yet so we have her on the bulldog puppy. Now it does not seen to help her gas lol. Her toots are HORRIBLE!
    Go to their visitor messages and copy and paste the one I sent you or make your own. Just pick some firends on here! Go get em, girl!!
    splatt!! you have been hit with a :snowballfight:. Pass it on to 5 other people.

    P.s. You can't splatt the person that hit you!!:christmas11:
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