What is your bulldog(s) doing at this very second?


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May 5, 2010
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Bulldog(s) Names
Vegas and Orion
I'm asking this because I'm watching Orion balance herself on the arm of the couch. She is making her way to the back of the couch and is stretching out to the banister. What is on the banister that has her attention? Kleenex. A box of kleenex that she likes to steal out of. This girl is a paper freak. Paper towels and kleenex....WATCH OUT.

Vegas is sleeping. He had a seizure this morning. I didn't want to leave him unsupervised today, so I took him to our vet's office and dropped him off at the daycare. He is so exhausted.
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Snoring the morning away on my bed. :p
My boy just came in from a good sniff around the yard and now it is nap time. :) Mugsy is still out making sure everything is marked and ready for the day. haha.
Libra my boy LOVES tissues also. He is out of control with them!
Chasing my Shih Tzu around the coffee table.. fighting over the toy they both want. :rolleyes:
They are all napping. Yes, all of them. Now, if only I could get my human puppies to nap too! :)
she is sleeping on the floor. as for kleenex any boxs or paper watch ou they love to rip paper up . rip it good mine does.

Rosa Ferrer Snoring big timeeee ;-)

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Robin Czaikowski sleeping by the air conditioning vent in the floor , the tongue is finally back in the mouth. He was playing outside for about 30 mins in the sun and the tongue was almost hitting the ground.

Couple of cute responses on facebook, had to share them too!
Tilly is snoring at my feet. (I would too if it werent for my 2 legged kids running around, it raining right now!)
Chesty is snoring at my right foot and Cadi is snoring at my left foot.... They don't get to far away from mom.
Well after 8pm mine is done for the day and we can pretty much put him anywhere, any position. Right now he is scrunched up on my hubby in our bed. he usually sleeps in our arms but he loves crevices and squishes hisself in pillows, blankets, etc.

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