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  • what dog food should I really be feeding my bullys, and also what can I do to increase bulldog appetite
    Hello I am new here. My family and i are looking into getting a bulldog in January. we all fell in love with the breed but i don't want to make that move until i have talked to some people who actually have them. i have heard horror stories and dream stories. what should we expect?
    I would like to nominate Lou Green as my bulldog hero and here is why:

    Lou’s turned her garage
    into a bulldog haven
    all in the name of rescue
    herself no time is taken.

    Work weeks on her lunch
    She’s home for potty breaks
    Then right after work
    Delayed are the plans she makes

    The bulldogs come first
    She sees that they are well
    By the time they get adopted
    Of that you can sure tell

    Meet & greet or home visit
    She’ll see if you’re a match
    if you’ve longed for a bulldog
    Lou might just throw you a catch.
    For the EBN award, I would like to nominate Jennifer and Jay Carman. They founded Florida English Bulldog Rescue and REALLY cares for these dogs. They get them the help they need and adopts them out to GREAT families!! They have an excellent organization and have made superior accomodations at their home for these dogs. Have save many very sick bulldogs that may not be here today if it were not for them!
    For the EBN award, I would like to nominate NikkiSchoolcraft. She is a dedicated member along with working hard within the Indiana Bulldog community. Her advice and support here have helped many. She makes Bullies her love and passion. She is a gem to both EBN and the Rescue and I feel should be recognized for both.
    I want to nominate Anna Gardner from Buddies thru Bullies in Florida. I have worked closely with Anna for all of BTB's events. She had managed to organize and structure many fundraisers, Facebook Auctions and events. She is the one to update Facebook, message everyone who volunteers. She manages to take on the most time-consuming events at BTB such at Bullympic's silent auction, BTB annual garage sale, Listing wants and needs for all to donate. She is on ball with answering all questions and concerns, BTB is her priority and she loves it.
    I would like to nominate,Lisa McTersney, of So cal bulldog rescue, she and her husband take special needs dogs that no one else would, and change diapers daily , up to a half dozen or so .she eats breaths and sleeps Bulldogs, she is part vet,dealing with all issues as needed, picking up supplies, and driving all over, she has made several long trips through multiple states to get dogs to me.stopped for 10 minuets and turned around to go home. and on top of that she has a full time job outside the house too!
    Lisa McTersney is an Angel Hero
    Hi this is Sandy, Mandy's grandma....I am unable to up load pics. I got to the upload part and thats as far as it goes...I have a Mac does that matter.?????
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